Thursday, February 26, 2009

dun gone crazy

With the ATV chaos, I forgot to write about the game my daughter and I had going yesterday while we were tacking up and then riding Cody and Keil Bay.

We have a history of this kind of game. One version - giving our animal family members and ourselves Ben and Jerry ice cream flavors. So the pony might be, for example, dark chocolate swirl with a Thelwell core.

Yesterday my daughter started coming up with what I call "Quarter Horse names." They can get pretty silly.

She decided Rafer Johnson would be "Dun Got A Dollar."

I countered with the pony. "Dun With Work."

She came back with Cody. "Dun Not A Dunce."


So she changed it to "Dun Lost My Money."

I decided Keil might be "Dun By the Bay."

Salina: "Dun By Midnight."

Redford: "Dun Won The Lottery."

Somehow we got off on a Charlotte's Web tangent.

What would Charlotte write about each of our herd members?

About the pony: "some pig!"

Poor Apache Moon. He puts up with a lot.


MitMoi said...

What a fun, fun, creative game! I've always laughed and been intrigued by the names of Arabian and race horses and pedigree dogs.

As a writer, I think naming characters, cities, mountains, streams, etc. is such a challenge. If your daughter ever decides to write, she is well on her way!

billie said...

I think the QH names take the cake, although our resident QH has a quite fine registered name: Riskless Asset.

He is a Zippo Pine Bar baby, and some of the Zippo names are truly nutso, so I think he managed to emerge with a fairly classy name.

My son got to choose the barn name, Cody, and of course, given our zany name thing, that has transmuted into Coden, Coden Locomoden, CocoPuff, Cody Boy, etc.

ponymaid said...

Hmmm, TJ's real name is probably Dun Right Loco. Do R&R approve of their new names?

billie said...

LOL about TJ's name!

I think the title of the post is what our entire herd decided OUR names would be!

They indulge our silliness.

Grey Horse Matters said...

My daughter and I were just having this conversation. QH names are certainly inventive and downright silly sometimes. I'm impressed by your naming game it sounds like a hoot. We give our horses silly names too...but the indignity of it all, they won't even look at us when we're acting so silly.

billie said...

Daughter reminded me last night that the one she came up with for Redford was:

Dun Got A Gun.

The image of a little boy all dressed up with a cowboy hat and holster set did sort of fit Redford.

Then we discovered there really IS a QH named Dun Gotta Gun. LOL.

She came up with two new names for the pony last night too, worth noting:


Pudge Not Fudge

Can you believe she calls Keil Bay "Bubba" ???!

Nachodonkey said...

Great name for your QH! Your daughter sounds like she has a great sense of humour. Just watch out though. As they get older it turns against you!! When Nacho came to live with me there were many jokes from my daughters about Grandma's ass.

I had a great partner for 23 years (he was 31 when he died last January). He was a palomino grandson of Great Pine.

The summer before he died a friend asked if I knew of anyone who needed a quiet horse. She had bought this fellow for her daughter but she wanted to game him and they discovered he had navicular and was not suitable for that purpose. People from the disabled riding program looked at him but he was lame that day so they declined. My old guy was quite expensive to keep and I couldn't afford another mouth to feed at that time. When he died I called her and asked if he horse was still available and went up to see him that afternoon.

I almost fell over when I saw him walk through the door. A palomino (sort of) quarter horse....a grandson of Great Pine. Eight years old (the same age as my old guy when I got him). His registered name is "A Famous Guitar". Our name is the name of a famous guitar... not Fender. He was meant to be ours. Would your horse be from Great Pine?

He came to our house last January. I called a barefoot trim specialist recommended by friends and she worked her magic. By summer his enormous quarter cracks had almost grown out after treatment with her spray concoction and he has been sound since last fall. I will be taking her trimming course in the summer and then keep up the trims as you do and have her out every couple of months to make sure I am on the right track.

I really enjoy reading about your day to day activities and seeing pictures of your crew. Your life seems wonderfully full.

billie said...

Nacho, how wonderful that you have found another Great Pine grandson!

I looked up Cody's bloodline and indeed he does go back to Great Pine via Poco Bueno and Dollie Pine.

So I guess we are distant relations. :)

I can't tell you how many horses I have come across who were being considered lame and were later rehabbed by barefoot trimming. I understand that it's not for everyone, but it seems to correct MANY issues and sometimes issues that don't even seem related to the feet.

I think you'll enjoy learning the trimming process. I am just at the very beginning of that journey, but even the little bit I do in between trims is making a big difference, and my comfort level with hoof things has increased tremendously.

The thing my trimmer says that I love the most is that the hoof is trying its best to be healthy. Even when it does something we consider a problem (laminitis, abscess, cracking, etc.) it is the hoof's way of dealing with something the horse's system as a whole is experiencing.

For some reason this re-frame has made all the difference for me.

I love all the synchronicities with your new horse partner! It is obvious the match is a perfect one.

Thanks so much for saying you enjoy reading here. I am so enjoying your comments.

jme said...

ha! love your game and the names! my friend and i used to play a similar game - we'd give all of the horses an indian name depending on how they were behaving/riding that day... (because we were not very creative, a lot of them were based on 'dances with wolves' names, like 'dances with cross-ties,' 'kicking cavaletti,' 'stands when i cluck,' and one spooky, windy day even 'wind in his butt'...)

billie said...

LOL - I think "Stands When I Cluck" is my favorite!