Thursday, February 26, 2009

ATVs and neighbors

Did you ever hear the old saying, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?

There is only one thing I CAN say: their house is for sale and I wish them a speedy and lucrative offer.



Grey Horse Matters said...

Very funny, but I know how you feel. We have neighbors across the street whose kennel of jack russells never and I mean never stop yapping. I'm so happy when she takes her dogs and horses to Florida for the winter shows. I wish your neighbors a speed sale too.

billie said...

Well, it's a gorgeous home on 10 mostly clear acres with a pond and a barn that could be converted for horses... so... if anyone is looking for a place, just let me know. :)

Arlene, that must be tough, listening to it all the time.

Our Corgis will often bark at things in the woods at night and we generally call them inside so they can re-focus on something else.

Meanwhile, when I feel like cursing and shrieking (which I sometimes do when the ATVs get going) I try to take a deep breath and send good energy across the way.

Like right this moment, as a matter of fact.

Nachodonkey said...

We are very fortunate in that our regional forest does not allow motorized vehicles. I live in a rural area to enjoy the peace and quiet....not listen to noise pollution. We have about a 45 acre tract behind our house and it is lovely not to worry about a dirt bike running up your butt while riding.

Our properties are long and narrow (approx. 80' wide x 600' deep). A new, very large house was built in the vacant lot next door in very close proximity to my very modest house. There were some anxious moments when prospective buyers were viewing the property. It was eventually sold to a lovely lady who is a very accomplished dressage rider. I find it amusing that when she looks directly out of her back window she sees not elegant warmbloods but a very shaggy donkey and three equally ragged cold blooded equines. Even though they possess charm and character, they are not in the wildest stretch elegant.

Good luck in finding suitable neighbours.....just hope that they don't have Jack Russels. I speak from experience as we have two. Ha ha ha!!

The property sounds lovely. If it is still available next winter.....just dreaming! The snow is still around but is loosing ground rapidly as the sun's rays are getting stronger.

billie said...

Nacho, I have been thinking we would be so thrilled to have horse people move in. But donkey people! Now THAT would be a real treat. :)

I had to laugh about donkeys versus elegant warmbloods.

Keil Bay has the most obnoxious hyena-like squeal that resonates near and far. Fortunately he only does it when the pony is harassing him, and they will usually stop if I go out and tell them to settle down.

The donkey brays are so much more musical - even Redford's impersonation of a truck honking has some style to it. :)

Nachodonkey said...

Too funny! That squeal probably sends you out with heart racing to pick up the torn shreds only to find them looking at you with the "what's your problem?" look.

Our neighbour Parker (mini donkey extrodinaire) starts to squeak as soon as I start spreading hay for our guys. He paces the fence line and the squeaks get louder until I finally get to the fence and throw him a handful of hay. His dominant horse friend drives him away but he dives in and grabs most of it before she can get her mouthful. If he is particularly hungry, I get the full blast hee haw.

Even though our properties are very close together the small trees are quite thick in summer and you can't see Parker. Our farrier was busy with the hind foot of my mare when Parker let go with the loudest hee haw ever. The farrier dropped the foot and sprang about two feet in the air with a ...what the **@&^%**. He said he though it was a 747 coming in for a landing. He hasn't been back!!!

billie said...

I love those squeaks!!

That is so funny about your farrier. The full-blown bray is sometimes like one of those air horns - it seems to have a physical presence when it comes at you!