Saturday, April 19, 2008

a wonderful night for a moondance

And on the morning after, Rafer Johnson helps with breakfast!

After yesterday's unexpected heat, I decided to let the horses stay out until bedtime so they could enjoy grazing without the bugs. Around ten p.m. my daughter and I decided to take a peek and see what they were doing. We went out front with the big flashlight and spotlighted them one by one. Rafer Johnson began to bray - I think he was shocked that they were being allowed out so late!

They stayed out until midnight. We got their stalls ready, which usually brings them up the hill, but when we finished doing waters - no horses. We set off down the hill in the dark. In a moment, outside the bright lights of the barn, our eyes adjusted and the moon was so bright it cast shadows. The redbud was fully visible in shadow - amazing.

Rafer Johnson met us halfway. He seemed ready to come in, and Salina followed. Rafer actually ran ahead to get to the barn and their stall/paddock.

The geldings had no intention of coming in, so my daughter went down the hill and shooed them up. I was standing in the moonlight and watched the three of them canter out of the shadow into the light. They broke to a trot and then stopped in their tracks, to graze again. When my daughter crested the hill, they trotted on through the gate and to their stalls.

At 3:30 this morning the Corgyn woke me up asking for breakfast! I told them No Way and went back to sleep. 5 a.m. Apollo Moon woke me up asking for breakfast. I told him No Way as well and went back to sleep until 7, which I feel is a more proper time for rising and feeding everyone.

The Corgyn got their favorite - turkey necks - and are right now laid out flat, like little Corgi rugs.

Apollo Moon got his Innova Evo canned, and the younger cats got their dry Evo replenished.

On out to the barn, where I was somewhat alarmed not to hear Rafer Johnson's bray, Salina's neigh, nor did I see either of them in their paddock. As I got to the back door of their stall I realized that Rafer Johnson was laid out flat, sleeping in! I guess his late night in the waxing moonlight left him exhausted!

The geldings were ready to go back out for a few hours' grazing before breakfast. Keil Bay immediately spotted tulip poplar blossoms on the ground and marched over and gobbled them up before I could get to him. I don't think it's a problem, but we'll find out.

Rafer Johnson and Salina did not want to go out front. Rafer was focused on standing between the handles of the wheelbarrow, full of muck, as though he might be considering pushing it down the hill for me. I decided they could have the barnyard this morning until breakfast.

It's a cooler, quite peaceful morning here.


the7msn said...

The rhythm at your farm sounds very peaceful. I've always been tempted to do a moonlight ride - maybe I'll try one the arena. I have a feeling Hank would see ghosts if I took him on the trail.

billie said...

Oh, Linda, I bet you could have gorgeous moonlight rides out on your place!!

I suspect Keil Bay would see a few ghosts as well - maybe if you had a few riders together the horses would feel secure.

Around here folks do some moonlight trail riding but I've never done it. The closest I've come is going trick or treating on horseback through our neighborhood one year!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything sounds so wonderful at the farm. I'll bet it was a beautiful picture of the horses trotting up the hill under the moonlight.
I get such a kick out of Rafer's antics. He sounds as if he is a real joy to have around.
Have a peaceful weekend.

billie said...

Arlene, Rafer Johnson has been at it all day long.

I told my daughter about the iGallop and of course she wants one! I sent her to your blog to check it out.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You can probably tell your daughter that she doesn't need one. It's only for out of shape old folks anyway. If she talks you into it though, go try one out first before you buy it, she may not like it once she actually rides it. It could get boring for her fast, but it does make a nice saddle rack.

billie said...

She might not like it - good idea to try it first. She definitely doesn't need it to get in shape, but is very active and I think part horse - she walks, trots, canters, bucks, jumps, kicks, does dressage tests in the house, sets up jump courses to go over, etc. She'd probably sit on the iGallop while at her computer just for fun!

She's paying, so we'll see what she decides. :)

Victoria Cummings said...

It sounds heavenly. We've got the same moon, but by day, we're fighting off those evil gnats - they're on the attack almost as soon as the sun comes up.

Rising Rainbow said...

I have been on a moonlight ride. The horses actually did great. It was us riders not sure of riding in that dark that turned out to be the stressor. But it was fun and it sure was pretty.

billie said...

Victoria, I'm sorry those gnats are being so pernicious.

Hopefully their time of year will quickly pass and you and the girls can move on into a more pleasant spring!

billie said...

Oh, MiKael, I hope you'll do a post about that sometime! I'd love to read about it.