Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Arlene over at GreyHorseMatters just awarded several people the equine care award, and graciously included camera-obscura.

Thanks so much, Arlene!

I'd like to pass this award on to Linda at the7msn who has been doing amazing work with her BLM donkey, Alan.

And now, I have been challenged to a horse race by my daughter - and the sun is finally shining (blue skies, white puffy clouds!) so I'd better hit the barn and get tacked up. :)


the7msn said...

Thanks, Billie! I'm honored, and Alan is, too.

Victoria Cummings said...

Congratulations - You deserve it - and you're a good two legged mom too - How fun, a horse race!

Grey Horse Matters said...

How did the race go, who won? Happy to see you liked the award, you deserve it for the best care and love of your horses and Rafer. I'm sure they appreciate all you do for them.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, let us know how the race went!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some more recognition for this amazing blog.

billie said...

Thanks, everyone - I know all of you have received the same award so I'm in such honored company!

Re: the race - well. My daughter smartly opted not to ride her pony but chose the 5-year old QH instead and then put the Little Joe bareback pad we're borrowing on him so he was carrying very little weight.

You see where I'm going here, perhaps..?

I was riding the powerful, the brilliant, Keil Bay - in full dressage gear with ME on top. So I feel we were at a slight disadvantage.

The fields are still a bit mucky to ride in so we created patterns to ride in the arena, at first going side by side but then turning off in different directions for the final "lap" - this became somewhat dangerous, as we came very close to a collision at one point.

She won all those. I think it was b/c I was being more cautious. :)

We changed the patterns at that point - so that we rode opposite directions and had to shout out when we were each at our finish line.

By that point Keil Bay was getting the hang of what I wanted, which was for him to just plain RUN. And we tied. :)

It went on and on, and then I gave her a longe lesson on the pony using the Little Joe. She loves it - I haven't tried it out yet, but she says it's like riding on a cloud. I suspect we'll get one - it seems to fit everyone here, and is very well made - suede and non-slipping, used with a pad and regular girth.

If interested, just Google it - they're made by an individual woman if I understood the lender correctly.

Nice afternoon here.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I will check out the pad.

billie said...

Arlene, I have looked at a number of these kinds of pads, and this is the first one I really like. The materials are good quality and aesthetically nice, and it looks good on the horse and pony with my daughter mounted. She's getting taller but is a rail, though, so I want to see how it fits me, not so much rail-like... :)

Janet Roper said...

Kudos on the award! Sounds like you had a great time with your daughter and the horses.
Janet Roper

billie said...

Thank You, Janet. It was a lovely day at the races. :)