Friday, April 04, 2008

quick update on the writing marathon

I'm rolling along, ahead of myself already. I did this morning's batch of pages early and have now printed out what would have been tomorrow's batch, which I'll get to after lunch.

It always amazes me how quickly the characters I'm writing about, in this case Wendell and her father Scott, get inside my head and take their places at the table. I walk around the house interacting with the rest of my life, but in the midst of toasting bread or looking at photos online with my daughter, something Scott thinks pops into my mind, or the way Wendell would see something hits me, and somehow I hold all that, off to the side maybe, but right there, for when I get back to the page or the screen.

In a way, it's like living parallel lives, which intrigues me. I suppose it's a large part of why I write.

Because of what I'm doing - revision geared to incorporating new material - I'm really pleased it's moving along this way, b/c it's so much easier to do with the whole of the book in my head as I go.

Here's to continued smooth sailing and forward motion - and for any of you out there working on any writing projects, please feel free to share progress, new goals, excerpts, frustrations, anything.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm happy to hear you are breezing right along ahead of schedule. Unfortunately I spent the entire day sitting in the court in the jury selection room and just got home. The good new is that I was excused this time. Here is something interesting though, my horoscope today said I should start writing something for publication and that I would make a friend from a distant place. I found this very interesting because I was thinking of writing something for the guest blog while I waited all day at court for the thumbs up or down on jury duty. I even started something there to while away the boredom.

billie said...

Well, Arlene, I can't argue with that horoscope! :)

I hope you'll send me something for mystic-lit. As well-written as your blog post series are, and as informative AND entertaining, I have no doubt a writing-focused post would be just as wonderful. I invite you to do a solo or series on any aspect of writing.

Jury duty! I'm glad you got excused. Will they take "running a farm" as an excuse??

Grey Horse Matters said...

I didn't ask them about running a farm but my daughter did when she was called. She told them she was the only one who could handle the "stallions" at the farm and she was excused. At the time it was the truth. I was lucky in that they picked all the jurors before they got to me. Whew!

Rising Rainbow said...

When I think about what I want to write away from the computer, it is totally gone by the time I get there. You are lucky it stays with you.

As for my writing project, I'd be glad to get the box with my ouitline and first chapters unburied so I can get started again. lol

I was called for jury duty recently and wrote in requesting to be excused because of my farm and it can the following week.

billie said...

Well... right now we have a donkey stallion, so I'll keep that in mind if I get called in. :)

billie said...

MiKael, dig out that box and jump in!