Thursday, April 24, 2008

when the party ended

We had a grand morning here yesterday, celebrating with the pony. It was a gorgeous day, and after lunch I went out intending to ride Keil Bay before leaving for the office later in the afternoon.

When I put his halter on he seemed grumpy, and I commented on it. We set up in the barn aisle for grooming, and I noticed right away that he had cut his lower eyelid. I went inside to get my med kit, some warm water, and a clean sponge, and then washed the cut to see what I was dealing with.

I knew when I started washing it that I would likely be calling the vet. Keil Bay is generally laid back about this type of thing, but he really didn't want me messing with that eye. Plus there was a small piece of wood chip on the edge of the cut that wouldn't come off, which made me think it was actually a splinter that was sticking in the wound itself.

This is the kind of thing that stresses me out. (I just need to insert here that right as I typed that last line and sighed, my son walked in with cinnamon toast and served it to me - I'd remarked earlier that I could smell his and it made me think of a happy household so he must have gone back down to the kitchen and made more!)

Anyway, I called the vet and fortunately the vet on call yesterday was right there in the clinic, which is only 15 minutes from our house. She hopped in her truck and came right over. Keil Bay got a little sedation so she could check the surface of the eye and make sure it wasn't scratched. Thank goodness it wasn't. She cleaned the cut and removed the splinter. Applied the ointment and gave him a shot of Banamine. By this time he had given me his head to hold in my arms. One of Keil's most endearing traits is his tendency to let me "hold" him when he is happy (usually after a good ride) or worried (usually a vet visit, a few times after the farrier put hot shoes on his front feet) Keil is a big horse, and there's something utterly charming about his desire to be comforted this way.

In the midst of the vet exam, the shavings truck came chugging up the drive. I motioned for the driver to stop outside the barnyard so we could finish the exam quietly. Once I had Keil Bay in his stall, the shavings got dumped, the vet got her check, and it was nearly time for me to leave.

We have spring vet stuff coming up and yesterday reminded me that I need to prepare for the two visits we have coming. One will involve Rafer Johnson getting gelded and the horses getting shots and Coggins plus dental checks. The second one will involve Rafer Johnson getting shots and the horses who need dental work getting that. This is all routine stuff, but I dread it. Our gang are all very good with the vet but I end up needing valium by the end of it!

Maybe cinnamon toast will do the trick!


Keil Bay's eye looks good this a.m. Less swelling and cut is beginning to close. He didn't fuss about the ointment, and took his Banamine over the stall door with no problem. However, he did come back in from the field with me after breakfast and stayed close while I mucked the paddock. I gave him a little hay so he could eat and hang out with me.

I went ahead and mucked his stall and left it open, in case he wants to hang out in the barn. Gave him some fly spray and once he realized I was done with the chores, he headed back out to the field.

The baby birds are growing up. Their little voices are getting mature and song-like now instead of the peeping sound. They get very loud if any noise happens in the barn, which Keil Bay discovered when he banged his stall door! I'll miss their voices when they leave us.


Victoria Cummings said...

I'm so glad that KB's eye is healing. Silk cut her upper lid last year and it's scary. You were smart to call the vet. My vet says never ignore an eye injury. We're having a major gnat attack today, even though the weather is gorgeous. I feel like that Peanuts cartoon character, Pigpen, with all these annoying insects buzzing around my face every time I go outside. The horses are hiding in their stalls.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your son sounds like a wonderful boy, how sweet to think of his mom and bring you toast.
I am happy to hear that Keil Bay is feeling better today. Eye injuries are very scary.
My guy Erik used to do the same thing, mind you 17.2 hands and such a big baby he was. He would always give hugs and kisses and go to sleep on my shoulder, or put his head in my chest for me to hold. Once in his younger years, he spooked at a show in the warm-up ring, dumped the trainer and escaped the ring. "Loose horse", I was standing under trees about a football fields length from him but I saw him escape the ring, he stopped and looked around finally spotting me, trotted over and stuck his head in my chest for comfort. Horses like these are so special, to share the trust and love they have for us and let us comfort them in times of stress. We are privileged to have them in our lives.
We are done with spring shots, just have the dental work to come.

billie said...

As obsessive as I am, ignoring any injury is unlikely!

But I know exactly what you mean, and that's my thought too - don't mess around with eye stuff. We have a constant reminder with Salina and her missing eye - not that she had it removed b/c a previous owner ignored anything, but still.

I brought everyone in and they're munching in the stalls until the sun goes down.

Salina got a bath today and was much like your description of Silk - loving being scrubbed and rinsed.

Hope those gnats get gone soon!!

billie said...

Erik sounds delightful - I love that he found you at the show!

The day I first met Keil Bay and did a trial ride, when I got off, totally blown away by how perfect he ride was and how he had made me feel like I'd leaped up about 4 levels in half an hour, I was standing there holding the reins exclaiming about how wonderful he was and he rested his head on my shoulder. That did it. I knew right that moment I had found my horse.