Friday, April 18, 2008

back on track

Things are getting back on track here on November Hill. My husband left this morning for a birthday gift photography weekend in the mountains with his best friend and a number of his landscape photographer comrades. He did so many helpful things before he left to make it easier for me being solo parent - I hope they get lots of great photo ops and that he enjoys a well-deserved break from farm chores!

My mom called this morning to say that she had just spoken with my dad's occupational therapist, who reported that my dad was up, dressed, smiling, and doing really well with his first day of therapy. This is great news - he hasn't smiled in 3 weeks. Send him some healing energy if you will. I know he'd appreciate it.

The washing machine repairman came by this morning and I'm now catching up on laundry. He said this is probably the last time we should fork over the money to keep the machine going - and don't tell my husband but... YAY! I am wanting a new pale green washer/dryer set and until this one wears out, we'll never get it.

A number of writers from Backspace are doing a Marathon Hump Weekend for the next two days, and I'm going to be buckling down as well to get through the next 100 pages of my rewrite/edit. If you're working on something or have been stuck with a work in progress, tap into this collective energy and roll forward!

The horses are in the cool quiet of the barn until the sun goes down. It's getting to the mid-eighties today and I decided it was time to let them have the stalls during the mid-day heat. They got groomed, fly-sprayed with sweet-smelling marigold spray, and have good hay to munch on. Salina and Cody had their fly masks on for awhile but took them off. Keil Bay, as usual, loves his mask and keeps it on. He was quite happy to be let into his stall. I bet a hundred dollars if I go out there in an hour or so he'll be stretched out flat, snoring away.

Rafer Johnson spent an hour in the barnyard with Salina while we mucked. He's totally fine with tarps, as you can see. :)

Happy end of week to all!

P/S... I snuck back out to the barn and look what I found!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well you have so many things going on all at once. I am so happy to hear your dad is doing better. I caught up on the laundry today also. Your herd sounds as if they are just hanging out and enjoying the nice weather. We also had some upper 70's today. It feels so warm after such a long cold winter/spring. Rafer is adorable as usual. Sounds like you will be very busy while your husband is away. Have some fun with your writing. I am sorry to say that I haven't been able to get anything done, as this week I had a 3 yr. old tornado everyday, all day. I'm happy it's the end of the week and I have the weekend to look forward to.

Rising Rainbow said...

YOu bet on healing energy for your dad. I'm glad that things are turning around.

As for 80° I am very jealous, it is in the 30s here and it has been snowing, hailing, and raining, off and on, seperately and all mixed together. I think the thunder and lightning must show up sometime with those kinds of variables. This is not our usual weather!!

billie said...

Arlene, thanks. It actually hit 93 here!

Have you had a 3-year old human or equine tornado? Either way I'm sure your days have been full!

billie said...

Thank you, MiKael - if I could send you 20 or 30 degrees of our 93 degree day, I would!

I kept wanting to turn on the fans in the barn, but I *still* haven't cleaned them.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I could have handled a 3 yr. old equine with less energy than I needed for my granddaughter. She is wonderful but like her mother at that age just very active. I am really looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

billie said...

Arlene, I have to say I'm not sure I could handle my OWN two right now if they were 3 and 1 again!

I have memories of my daughter strapped to me in her sling, trying to keep up with my very active toddler son. It was an interesting year.

Hope your weekend is easy!

the7msn said...

93! Geez louise...nothing like extremes to upset the apple cart, the planets, and everything else. Wishing you a calm, uneventful weekend.

billie said...

It was really pretty hot for this time of year! They're all still out and I'm letting them stay out until I go to bed myself. Thankfully tomorrow and the next few days look to be more normal in temperature!