Wednesday, April 02, 2008

from the novel front...

I started a month-long "marathon" yesterday along with a number of other writers on Backspace, a similar thing to the Nanowrimo that happens in November, except a number of us on the forum wanted to keep that group energy going all year round.

I'm not trying to get a certain word count or the draft of a new novel during April, but I DO want to get through a fairly deep revision of my second novel. I've been doing some research on a subplot for a couple of months and now it's time to weave that into the existing storyline.

So, I started yesterday. I cleared my work areas in the garret, and barely avoided getting sucked into a major spring cleaning, but caught myself - more important to give that energy to the book right now. I printed out pages 1-38, read through my research notes in the Moleskine, and got to work. This morning I typed all the edits and new material into my novel's word doc and then printed out pages 38-76, which I've worked on today.

My plan is to go right through the novel like this, and hopefully have some time at the end of the month to go back and read the entire ms in one sitting so I can get a sense of the whole flow.

So far it's going really well. I had written some scenes in the midst of doing research that slid perfectly into place yesterday and again today, which makes me think I'm onto something with this subplot.

If anyone wants to join with me in this "April showers bring May showers" effort, please speak up!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It is so nice to have something to work on that you are passionate about, working through April is a great idea, seems we could all use a little nudge for some consistent work that forces us to get things done. Sounds as if your moving right along. It is the perfect time of year for a project like this, with Spring comes new beginnings and fresh ideas. I'd love to join you in your April showers bring May flowers project, but since I am not witting a novel yet,(although I have started many and have lots of ideas) I don't see how I can. I think I will try to commit myself to my blog and actually get more posts written. I actually was considering Spring cleaning myself, now I can put it off, thanks for the inspiration.

billie said...

LOL, Arlene, about putting off that spring cleaning!

Some folks on my local horse forum were discussing how they spring clean and I added my "one wall at a time" method, which is about where I am nowadays. Before horses it was "one room at a time."

I've gotten through most of the downstairs that way over the past 6 weeks.

I actually don't mind cleaning so long as it doesn't take over my day.

If you want a smaller writing project than a novel, think about a guest blog for mystic-lit! :)

Victoria Cummings said...

Okay - I'll jump in on the April-May novel write-a-thon. I really slacked off last month and I need to git 'er done!

billie said...

Great, Victoria - feel free to share progress or frustration or whatever right here... :)

I had forgotten the first half of this novel is so polished. It's the last half that will need more work, and I'll be hitting that section tomorrow.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Billie,
I've checked out mystic-lit and it is wonderful, thanks for giving me the idea of writing a guest blog for your site. If I come up with something that fits, I will send it to you for approval. At this point I don't know if I have anything to add to mystic-lit, it is full of so many talented writers with good advice and insights I'm not sure I could add anything relevant. Perhaps I will take my tin foil hat off and see if any ideas beam into my brain from the universe.

billie said...

Arlene, lately the guests have been folks with books already out, but many of us don't yet have published books - so don't let that stop you.

I normally write up a storm on there, and fill in gaps between guests, but right now I'm focusing on revisions.