Monday, February 04, 2008

Writing With Horses

I'm offering my semi-annual writing workshop, Writing With Horses: Finding Forward Motion in Your Writing, in March and wanted to announce it here for any local folks who might want to attend. (non-local folks are welcome too, and there is a lovely inn ten minutes away that I can refer you to for lodging)

The details for the spring 2008 offering:

Saturday, March 1st and Saturday, March 22nd workshops both have openings.

This day-long workshop uses horses (groundwork only, no experience necessary) to begin new projects and/or find/fix stuck places in existing work. It can be tailored to one person's needs and can be expanded into a 2-day workshop if needed.

The workshop is scheduled at my home and farm, November Hill - from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. We are located in NC. The cost is as follows:

one participant - $250.
two - $225. each
three - $200. each

Payment is expected by check with registration and will not be refunded if cancellation occurs with less than a week's notice (7 days).

I can tailor the workshop somewhat to individual needs, but the basic format/schedule is this:

10 a.m. - arrive and do intros, share goals for the day (which may be to initiate new writing or work with a stuck place in a current project, or other specific goals)

11 a.m. - review safety issues re: working with horses, meet the horses and decide who to work with during the day, groom and prepare for groundwork

break around 1 for "working" lunch, which is provided (simple fare - fruit, bread, cheese, soup, etc.) to discuss morning's work with horses and make plan for afternoon - writing exercise, more time with horses, some of both

2 p.m. - proceed with afternoon as planned

4 p.m. - wrap up


If you're interested, email HERE.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That sounds like a unique workshop. A wonderful opportunity for writers to emerge from behind their desks and interact with horses, and perhaps glean some insights along the way that might be helpful in their writing. If I were a writer, I would surely enjoy this workshop!

billie said...

It's tremendous fun, and almost always revelatory in some way for the participants.

I've said before that working with horses in the arena is, in a way, the life-sized version of the Jungian-based sandplay therapy I do in my office.

Both processes have proved incredibly useful for creative artists of many kinds in addressing issues with their work.

Wish you could be here! :)