Monday, February 11, 2008


This was yesterday's "word of the day" on the sidebar, and the word kept slipping through my mind all afternoon and evening, pure proof, if I needed any, that a word and its melodic syllables can color one's entire day.

I incanted against the extreme wind of yesterday afternoon and evening, murmuring little phrases that I hoped might calm the gusts. I incanted by tucking my head as I walked up the hill, against that strong wind, and by pursuing methodical tasks to lesson its impact in the barn: tightening a hinge, closing doors, tying a window shut. Stacking the dressage markers inside the arena so they wouldn't blow into the back field.

Each time I came inside to edit novel pages, that word, in-can-ta-shun, urged my thoughts as I read and marked with my pen and typed into my word document.

It's still with me this morning, even though the wind has gone and the sun is coming out and I have an hour to write before horses come in from hay for their breakfast, which will be its own incantation. The measuring of good -smelling feed and black oil sunflower seeds, Glanzen and vitamins and trace minerals, apples and carrots.

Incantation to thrive.


Grey Horse Matters said...

A particular word running through your head all day, like a certain lyric from a song, it can be amusing or a curse. I always love your take on things, and how you incorporated a single word into an interesting post.

billie said...

Thank you!

I've just been to your blog reading about Reiki with horses - a great post!