Thursday, February 07, 2008

spread the love!

Victoria at Teachings of the Horse has just given camera-obscura a "spread the love" award - what an honor! Her blog as well as those she's awarded are daily reads for me and I encourage you to check all of them out. What a wonderful community of creative horsefolk!

Thank you, Victoria!

I'll be back after barn chores to add my list of spread the love recipients!


And here they are:



Only One


Matthew said...

Thanks, Billie!

billie said...

You're most welcome.

Joseph Gallo said...

I am honored to receive this Spread The Love award and can safely assume it is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and chockful of yummy vitamin goodness guaranteed t build strong hearts twelve ways!

Thanks, Billie.
(The check is in the mail). ;-)

Joseph Gallo said...

Ph, and duh!---congratulations on your STL award. I'm humbled to share a love dais with you, Billie!

billie said...

Yay, Joseph! I'm happy to spread the love.