Friday, February 08, 2008


Keil Bay has had a series of little "issues" over the past few months that caused me to set up a consult with our classical homeopath veterinarian, who thankfully also treats horses. I've had my own homeopathic treatment since 1999 and am convinced that for me it's the very best approach. It's been extremely successful in various issues that have cropped up with our cats and dogs as well.

When I spoke with the vet last week, I started by saying I felt like Keil Bay needed a constitutional remedy, which is a deep-acting, very specific to the individual remedy that works on the entire system. After hearing the issues, the vet agreed, and sent me the remedy. I wasn't surprised when it arrived and it turned out to be the same constitutional *I* use.

Our massage therapist, who does bodywork for both horses and riders, has discovered that many times horse owners have issues in the same parts of the body as their horses. As recently as January, Keil Bay had chiropractic issues in the same area I'd just gotten massage for.

I don't know if the same holds true for homeopathic constitutionals, but in my study of one it does.

He got the remedy yesterday and had the same quick response I did the first time I took the constitutional. Often, this type of remedy will trigger a layering effect starting with old physical issues and peeling away until it gets to the most current one. The very first thing that happened for Keil Bay was his pelvic joint rotation. About thirty minutes after I administered his remedy yesterday, he came into the stall and shoved his butt against the wall, one of the "pelvic joint discomfort" red flags for him. I noticed he was doing his big "yoga Bay" back stretch several times last night and again this morning. Today the second issue bubbled back to the surface. All this is a good indication that the remedy is working.

I'm to check back with the vet in 4-6 weeks and in the meantime I'll be noting these daily observations. I'm actually wondering if it might be a good time for my annual "tune up" with my own homeopath.


Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, when I first read "twins" I thought you were talking twin horses. My immediate reaction to that is OMG!

I'm glad it didn't turn out to be horse twins but more like kindred spirits kind of twins. lol

billie said...

LOL - no twin horses!

There were actually a set of twin foals born close by this past year. The owner sent photos regularly so we could watch the development. One was smaller and weaker at birth but with good care it eventually got strong.

One photo showed both foals nursing at the same time - one on each side. I can't imagine the mare keeping up with two of them once they hit the frolic stage!

Grey Horse Matters said...

This sounds very interesting, I am always intrigued by alternative methods for helping people and animals. I am working on a post now about Reiki for horses and should have it finished in a day or two. I'm sure your guy will feel better soon.

billie said...

Thanks - he seems to feel okay for the most part. He's a stoic fellow.

I'm hosting a clinic here in the spring that has to do with "touch for health" and using Bach flower essences with horses. I'll look forward to your post on Reiki - I have a friend who does that and I've often thought of having her work with the horses.

Victoria Cummings said...

I think our horses do mirror us, even with our ailments. You're lucky to have a good chiropractor and homeopath. What is in a constitutional? I've only tried a couple of homeopathic remedies, like arnica. I do like to use "Rescue Remedy" on both myself and the horses.

billie said...

Victoria, I do too, the mirroring thing - I'm just not sure which direction it's going, with me and Keil Bay!

A constitutional is a single remedy, not a mixture (which is what something like Traumeel is) and usually given in a potency that triggers a deeper-acting response. There can be what's called "aggravations" which are temporary worsenings of the symptoms.

I don't know if this is true for most people - my homeopath says I'm the most sensitive person to remedies she's ever treated, and has asked me to help her with provings before on new remedies. I can feel the remedy starting to work almost immediately. I've always been sensitive to medication, to the point that I have odd reactions to things and have repeatedly perplexed doctors most of my life.

I don't take any medication at all - the occasional motrin or advil, but even those otc meds make me feel weird.

Rescue Remedy and Arnica have been two stock remedies in our home since my children were born. We actually had a saying, when anyone got hurt - "do you need to be Rescued?" :)

kokobean said...

I just discovered your blog and have been reading back. I don't know a thing about homeopathy, so I'm finding all this very interesting. I looked up Rescue Remedy, which I'd never heard of, but it looks like it's only available in the States. Still, you've given me something else to look into...

billie said...

Kokobean, I'd be very surprised if Rescue Remedy is only available in the states, but I could be wrong.

It's one of the Bach Flower Remedies, so perhaps if you try searching for those, you'll turn up more options.

It's good to have you here - please come back to visit and comment - I'd love to hear what you find wrt the remedies and availability outside the US.

kokobean said...

I bet you're right, it's probably available through smaller retailers. I'll have to check in a natural foods store. I'm always trying to be more positive (I'm a natural worrier) but man would something like that help during the rough patches!

I discovered your blog through victoria's and I've added you both to my reader, so I'll be a fairly regular visitor! ;)

billie said...

Rescue Remedy is a wonderful thing for everything from mild upset to shock. I use it in water buckets in the barn if we have very rough weather, and also for myself!

I've used it with sick kittens (two of ours got a very sudden and severe infection due to tiny kitten claw puncture wounds we didn't know they had) and it made a quick and visible difference until we could get antibiotics.

I'll look forward to seeing you here!