Friday, February 15, 2008

animal communicators

There's a long and fascinating thread on my local horse forum about animal communicators. A number of people have consulted an animal communicator about their horses, with amazing results. The communicator talks to the horse, often remotely, and conveys information to the owner, who can ask questions or just get a general "read."

I'm definitely intrigued, and impressed at the quite specific info some of these horse owners received, all of which the communicator had no way of knowing. In some cases critical medical issues were solved, and in others, personality quirks were explained. Not one horse owner regretted the reading, and each one felt she'd learned something important about her horse.

This particular communicator is local to me, and also a veterinarian, so her knowledge is broad about animal issues. I'm considering giving her a call.

Would you consider using an animal communicator for a horse or other of your animal family?

If so, what questions would you ask?


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm not so sure I would hire an animal communicator, as I said in my post on Reiki, I am very skeptical about these sort of things. I also wonder since she is also a vet, and medical issues have been solved, maybe it's due to her medical training, and then I think well behavioral issues could be solved by someone who knows a horses body language etc. A trained eye can pick up a lot of things a lay person can't. I also find with a lot of psychics they ask a lot of questions and take it from there, in the meantime you have volunteered a lot of animal history to them and they can make a educated guess about problems. I think she probably means no harm and really thinks she is a communicator, we had a person like that come to the barn(just as a friend) and she really wanted to read minds, but when she couldn't she would get 'feelings' about a certain horse, like " I'm channeling that he doesn't like his name". On the other hand maybe she is one of the truly gifted ones and can help with all kinds of issues. If it makes a person feel better I say do it. My first question I guess would be, "how much is this going to cost" and take it from there. Sorry didn't mean to be so negative and such a drag.

billie said...

In all but one instance with this particular communicator, the reading was done over the phone (she did not ever meet or see the horses in question) and the questions the horses' owners asked were purposely not leading.

"Is my horse feeling good in general?"

or "Is there anything my horse needs to tell me."

The communicator did not ask the horse owners to elaborate on anything - she simply responded as if she were speaking in the voice of that horse, and the responses, which were recorded in many of the instances, were specific to time and date and details that were, in fact, accurate.

It was amazing to read.

The cost was $50. for a one-hour reading.

I'm actually not at all skeptical about things like this, given the fact that there weren't leading questions and the reading was recorded, not remembered.

The medical issues solved were things like the horse revealing to the owner what was hurting and the owner then followed through with his/her own vet for treatment - only to find the communicator was correct.

I'm fascinated by this, obviously. If I do hire this woman, I'll report on it here, for sure.

Not sure what I'll ask yet!

Kyle said...

Back in 2005, when my sheltie Tasha was sick with CRF and nearing the end of her time with me, a friend gave me a consultation with a pet communicator. We did an hour by phone. Tasha passed a month later. I won't say I got the answers, but I learned there's a lot more I don't know than what I knew I didn't know. You know? At least, it gave me a lot more to think about, when I think about my best friend. Which is a lot. ... Billie, you can e-mail me for more info.

billie said...

Thank you, Kyle, I will email you later about this. I'm really interested in hearing more about it.

I've been interested in psychic phenomena since I was young, and for a while, my career goal was to go to Duke University and work with the Rhine Institute there.

Later on, of course, my psychology career led me to Jung and his mystical/spiritual bent.

I'm also very interested in native American studies when it comes to this type of thing.

I'm definitely positively disposed to the idea of animal communicators. That said, I'm sure there are good ones and not so good ones.

Rising Rainbow said...

I"ve heard about this before. It would be interesting to see the comments on the forum. Would you consider posting the link?

billie said...

It's a private forum, otherwise I'd be happy to.

The details the communicator offered via the horse readings are so very specific in nature - some involving actual names of people.