Wednesday, January 31, 2007

frozen solid

This is about how cold it feels out there today. Horses in blankets, cats by the woodstove, corgyn sticking close to their people.

The crows were in full force in the front field but maddeningly took off when I appeared oh so quietly through the front door. Daughter says "just deal with the fact that they don't want their picture taken!"

Ha. I guess I should.


shara said...

Daughters give such sound advice sometimes. Pity they don't always take it with such enthusiasm. (Not yours, of course. I'm speaking purely from my own experience.)

billie said...

I am living with two pre-adolescents right now and it is pure joy at times and pure hell at others.

I admire their force of will and spirit but boy is it hard having it aimed at me!

I agree that her advice today was sound. You'd think I'd have long given up on getting photos of these elusive birds.