Thursday, January 18, 2007

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is, infinite.

-William Blake


Joni said...

Absolutely beautiful. And absolutely right. Too bad we consistently fail to see the infinite that resides with in ourselves.

billie said...

Well... that is what we are here to *learn.*


If we already knew the infinite that resides in us, consistently, we'd be on to the next journey.

Just my opinion, of course!


Matthew said...

I concur!

Joni said...

I agree as well. It is just sad that so much suffering has gone on and we still don't "get it". I look forward to the next journey.

billie said...

I know what you mean, Joni. I can get overwhelmed with that sometimes.

I try to remind myself that we are all in our perfect process, learning what we are here to learn, and that everyone is at different, but still perfect, places on the journey.

I suppose it works best when I take it the way I take my dressage work on Keil Bay - we get the most incredible moments of perfect harmony together, and increasingly, they happen more frequently and last longer. If I look at that as opposed to how long it's taking, or focus on the days where balance seems totally elusive, I can get depressed.

I know you know all this. It just helps me to type it out as a reminder to my own self. :)


Joseph Gallo said...

By the same token:

If the windows of clarity were washed, they would reveal a lawn in need of mowing and leaves to be raked. ~Aucassin Verdé


billie said...



Jason Evans said...

Great picture... Just moved to Southern Pines but haven't taken the camera out yet. Thanks for sharing!!

billie said...

Hi, Jason, and welcome..

If you are in Southern Pines, you can easily find this photo if you head out Connecticut Ave. and turn right onto Bragg Rd. (as opposed to straight through the gates onto base). Stay straight through the 4-way stop intersection and you'll get to Bethesda Cemetery.

I discovered this little church on one of my book research trips back in 2002. Across the road is the old part of the cemetery that actually appears in my first novel.

Anyway, as someone who loves Southern Pines and would live there if I could, welcome!