Monday, January 15, 2007

the jefferson

Today I was walking around Southern Pines, after stopping at the bookstore to buy my children a gift before heading home.

I knew the Jefferson Inn was being renovated, but it's been a long, long time since that process started, and I've come to just assume it's "not finished."

The Jefferson, by the way, played a big part in the writing of my first novel, the one I'm down here revising right now. I rented a little office in Aberdeen for nearly a year, and came down on Thursdays to write. I always ended the day with a stop at the Jefferson for dinner and a drink and the weekly open mike that featured wonderful local music.

When the Jefferson closed its doors I was heartbroken. It had been running continuously since 1902 and had every bit of the history and charm it must have had early on.

Today I decided to peer in the windows and see what was up in there.

Imagine my surprise (and glee) to see someone sitting behind a computer in the reservation/innkeeper area! I went in and discovered that it is up and running, with 15 gorgeous rooms (I saw 8 of them) and the restaurant/bar opening sometime in April.

The Jefferson is in my first book. Now it can go in my third one too!

If you feel like a weekend, or a week, in Southern Pines, look them up and give them your business. I don't ever want the Jefferson to be closed again.


Joseph Gallo said...

Love that lobby. Makes one want to sit in those oversize leather chairs, sip coffee, and write for a couple of hours. Thanks for another window into your world, Billie. :-)

billie said...

It is very different than when I went there a few years ago - the entire place was falling apart, but it had the aura of history and spirit of so many years of people being there. It still does have that.

Sometimes the new has advantages - it has high speed wireless internet, so sitting down in those luscious leather chairs one would be able to actually read email, comment to blogs, and otherwise dabble in the ethers. :)