Tuesday, January 09, 2007

interesting slip of the keyboard

I had emailed someone a "regret" about a dinner coming up that I won't be able to attend because of a writing residency I'm doing.

The purpose of the time is to rewrite my first book and get it back out there to publishers early this year.

When the recipient of my "regret" emailed me back, she wrote:

"Wiring is much more important. We will see you next month."

She meant, of course, to type "writing."

But what a wonderful slip! Essentially, what I need to do is indeed to "wire" this novel. Give it the underlying current to electrify.

I had already made notes to this effect, but now I will go with such a vivid idea of what it is I want to accomplish.




Joni said...

Serendipity in motion. How wonderful. Good luck wiring!

(and writing too).

billie said...

Thanks! I am excited about having the time in such a lovely space to do this work.


Joseph Gallo said...

Now to decide if the wiring of the writing will be insulated or bare copper. Personally, I opt for bare. Carries more of a charge when read. ;-)

billie said...


I was thinking alchemy but that's the second novel.

This one would be more like wired via lightning rods that get electrified by intense storms.

Copper- I like that image.

Quick check in J.C. Cooper:

Metals: Associated with gold as the Sun; silver, the moon; lead, Saturn; tin, Jupiter; iron, Mars; quicksilver, Mercury; copper or brass, Venus. Base metals are the sensuous world of unregenerate man and gold symbolizes the attainment of illumination and spirituality. In Alchemy the base metal is lead which is worked upon to attain the superior metal of gold as enlightenment. Metals are embryonic in the womb of the earth.

Vehus: A woman in various forms, usually voluminously dressed, holding laurel. As morning or evening star she can be either solar or lunar and represents the uniting of the opposites; she follows the Moon and precedes the Sun; as the drawer of bow and thrower of javelins' she signifies the launching of the new moon on the sea of night and defends the moon against all monsters of darkness; she is the waters; feminine passivity; the passions; desires; the desiderative; the creative mother; synthesis; imagination. Colour, green, pale yellow, or turquoise; metal, copper; position, West; day, Friday; age, adolescence; flower, white rose, vervain, all-heal.

Wow, if you knew this first book, all of the above would be incredibly interesting.

As it is for me and I'm taking this to Weymouth. :)

Thanks for pointing the way to my tangential path.


Joseph Gallo said...

We are all signposts along the common creative path, one for another.

bluesmama said...

Hope it flows right from you to the page, direct and powerful.

Diana Joy said...

Diana Joy

billie said...

bluesmama: I am here and it is happening! Thanks for the good words.

diana joy: welcome - and thank you. come visit anytime!!