Monday, January 29, 2007

forgotten pumpkin

Winter continues, after a weekend of respite. The horses stayed in blankets all day long, and even though the sun was bright, the ice I removed from the water tubs is still lying broken on the ground.

Taking a walk outside today, listening to the ground crunch beneath my feet, I noted the forgotten pumpkin lying at the woods' edge. It made me think of autumn - all the color and wonder now cast aside for this colder season.


shara said...

Lovely blaze of orange in your muted winter woods. I want to pick up all your ice pieces and melt holes in them and string them up in the trees, they're as pretty as the pumpkin is.

Matthew said...

I feel a bit of wistful sadness about the forgotten pumpkin.

On October 31 I got home too late from work to carve the forgotten pumpkin for Halloween, instead dashing out to the barn to prepare for the trick-or-treat outing with children on horseback.

The three other pumpkins were properly carved and quickly returned to earth, but the forgotten pumpkin is taking much longer to decompose. . .

billie said...


Oh, I LOVE the thought of all those pieces of ice hanging from the trees! What a photo that would make.

Have you seen the movie Winn Dixie, about the little girl and the dog? There's a scene where a nearly blind woman the little girl meets has hung many many bottles in a huge tree. It was quite stunning.

Matthew, I didn't remember the story behind the forgotten pumpkin - for some reason I was thinking it was an extra one. You could always go get it back and carve it now. I wish I had a photo of the other ones - I really loved this year's crop of ideas - the runes, the circles, and the moon/star.

The way it looks out there on the edge of the woods almost makes me think it's a hidden pumpkin patch. I guess they wouldn't get enough sun there to grow?


shara said...

Billie, I can't even remember the last movie I watched, and I do love to watch movies. I just haven't been in the mood, I guess, even though I've got two or three good ones waiting. Maybe this weekend. I could use a good movie night. Now I'll add Winn Dixie to the list, thank you. :)

Peter Bryenton said...

I like a splash of colour in an otherwise muted scene.

Joseph Gallo said...

I love this secret thing. In only one place on the entire planet, this is.