Sunday, January 14, 2007

too many dreams to count

BIG breakthrough yesterday with the revision... something that only now seems obvious, after I've taken the leap and done it.

I was up very late following the ripples of dropping the big stone into the pond of my book, and when I finally did go to bed, I dreamed ALL NIGHT LONG.

I woke up after each dream, so I remember them all. They were all over the place, as if unleashing that stone opened the gates to the unconscious, wide.

Great night, lots of work to do today.

The magic mansion comes through again. :)


Matthew said...

The magic mansion comes through again.


Joni said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad things are stepping forward for your book. YAY!!

billie said...

Thanks... it feels like I finally got to that final layer this revision, after letting it sit for a good long while (at least two years now) and being willing to consider a different genre. In some unexpected way, thinking of this book as literary suspense versus literary fiction opened the way to some changes that work.

I'm through the entire ms now, and it's my last day here, so I will need to do one more bit of work at the beginning and then do a read-through to make sure everything hangs together, but I *think* this is it.

I feel like I've done what I can do with it and now it either finds its home between hard covers or not - either way, I've got two more that need my attention.