Monday, January 06, 2014

very lazy day

Yesterday, Sunday, was a lazy day - I was inside for almost all of it writing, editing, and trying to get some tidying done around the house. The equines were all lucky to be out grazing hay - there was rain on both sides of us that never managed to close in. Today is a different story - it's 51 and raining and later this afternoon when things clear, the cold will descend. Down to 7 tonight and high of 22 tomorrow, then 13 tomorrow night. Once we get to Wednesday things will be a bit more normal for us in terms of January temps!

If the sun comes out soon enough today I will get a ride in - but with 22 and winds tomorrow I will likely let Keil Bay have another day off. I'm going to use the time to catch up cleaning, get ahead in my writing, and be ready to roll back into the arena on Wednesday.

Last night we met my husband's parents for dinner in our favorite restaurant and had a lovely time. The owners of the restaurant are horse people, as are many of the staff, and many of the customers dining there. They have a sign at the very elegant front door that says: boots and breeches welcome. The food is locally sourced as much as possible and we love it. This time of year we tend to visit more often - all of our birthdays fall between the end of December and the end of April. We were there last week for a birthday celebration and last night to treat husband's parents. Now we have to wait until the end of February for the next birthday!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a nice day. Crazy weather for you for sure. I'm sort of used to cold temps in winter. But then again not this cold. It was 59 this morning going down to 5 tonight. How is that possible? What a swing. Oh well just have to deal with this until we get back to normal too.

billie said...

A, it's crazy! We generally don't need hot water in the barn so I have never had a water heater put in. Tonight we're carrying buckets of warm water out now and again at feed tub time just to make sure they're all drinking. The wind is fierce and I'm basically leaving them in the barn for that reason - not locking them in but not putting their hay out as per usual. Stay warm. Hope we all make it through this extreme spell!