Tuesday, January 14, 2014

home again, home again

Daughter and I had a fun little getaway taking my son back to college this weekend past - we left on Saturday and got home last night around 8:30. We did some moving in, some hiking, ate lots of great food, enjoyed a room where we didn't have to clean anything, did absolutely zero mucking, and were reminded that even when you have endless TV channels there is never really anything good on.

It was such a nice time.

However, it was also really wonderful to get home last night and see the menagerie and dear husband. Today it was rainy, the sun finally came out around 3, and although it looks like we are in for some lovely sunny days, it's getting colder again and for now it is a huge muddy mess out there.

The horses look like ragamuffins!

I briefly thought RIDE! when the sun popped out this afternoon but today has been filled with laundry, getting things back in gear with the housekeeping, grocery store, etc. 

Tomorrow I am going to have to bundle up and just get out there no matter how chilly it feels. Because no matter how chilly it actually IS, it is not going to be ELEVEN DEGREES. Glad we got that under our belt so that 40 seems downright tropical. :)

I'm writing like mad every day and loving it.

And, on a not as great note, I am not going to be riding with Mark Rashid next Tuesday, at least not this trip. He is in NC this weekend and I learned that he would be more than happy to come right here to November Hill to do private lessons - I had hoped to rein in some of my horsey neighbors and get a block of privates for him but no one wanted to do it. Not even my daughter. So... next year I'll get more lead time and will start earlier with my recruitment. 

Hope all are having a good week! 


Anonymous said...

Glad all is well.

Sorry to hear you will miss Mark - people seem not to know how good he really is because he doesn't have a publicity machine, it's all word of mouth. Hope it works out for you another time.

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's nice to go away for a bit but also nice to come home.

Sorry to hear you won't get to ride with Mark Rashid. Wish I was closer I'd definitely take you up on your offer of a small clinic.

Matthew said...

It is always so good when you come home. I miss you when you're gone, I'm glad you got to go and have a weekend with K, but I missed you a lot!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Super pretty today - hope you're having fun with KB!

I would absolutely trailer in to ride with Mark next year if there would be room for Val. I'm super bummed I can't get it together even to audit this year... I've been waiting for him to come somewhere closer than the northeast ever since I heard of him. :D

billie said...

C, you are more than welcome. It seems he comes this time of year to Chapel Hill and I am now in close touch with the woman here who does the bookings, etc. She happens to live in the same little town as we do! I am thinking it would be possible to have privates here two days in a row - it seems like he is available after the clinic weekend (so it would be Monday and Tuesday, or that's what it was this year) for this kind of thing. I figure if there are at least 2 private lessons with him two days in a row, it would be worth his while to come to November Hill. I could possibly do a lesson on Keil Bay and then one on Cody, so with you that would be three each day. I have neighbors who could ride over and join in if they wanted to. There is a stall he could use and/or the back field, which I assure you does NOT have much grass this time of year! :)

This year's lessons are $165/hour, so start saving and let's make this happen in 2015. :)