Tuesday, January 07, 2014

coldest day of the year (we hope)

It was frigid today - I could feel the cold on my cheeks and it didn't feel good, so I came back in and got a balaclava to wear. It about drove me crazy but it took care of the cold face.

Most of my barn time was spent managing water - clearing ice out of troughs, carrying buckets of warm water out so they had the choice. Keil Bay and Little Man prefer the icy water in the troughs. Cody and the donkeys prefer the warm buckets. 

I didn't ride, even though the wind was almost totally gone. Mainly because the ground was frozen hard - in those mud clump formations that just plain hurt to step on. I pulled horse blankets off mid-day when we got up near 20 degrees. They'll get them back on in a bit, for the night.

Most of my writing was done in the waiting room at our dentist's office while my son had his teeth cleaned. We stopped on the way home and got peppermint ice cream from the local dairy. Once home it was time to start getting horses in for their pre-dinner tub hay, and of course, more warm buckets.

Woodstove is going strong, we just had Italian wedding soup with local sausage meatballs and cornbread, and I think the cats and Corgis are finally settling in for the night. One more cold one and then tomorrow we're up near 40. It will feel like springtime after these single digit temps!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Ridiculously cold here too. 5 degrees this morning. I hate that frozen hoof print mud, I call it walking in moon craters. Dusty and Mellon didn't want to come in tonight but finally relented after a while. I think they are crazy. Stay warm warmer weather is around the corner.

billie said...

Our "wants to stay out no matter what" girl is Kyra Corgi. We keep bringing her in and she keeps going back out. She has always loved the cold but now that she's 14 I worry that she will forget to come in!

I'll be glad when we're back to our usual winter temps.

Stay warm. I hope Dusty and Mellon appreciate their warm stalls and good hay! :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Was wishing for a balaclava this morning! Let's hope we're seeing the end of this business...