Friday, January 10, 2014

ugh weather and a little getaway

It started raining early today and we're now completely over-saturated again. Goodbye, cold temps, hello wet ground. 

The rainy day gift I received this morning was from the Little Man. I stepped out on the deck to get the beet pulp bucket this morning and he was standing in the grass paddock, so handsome in his cobalt blue blanket, staring a hole in the back door. When he saw me he whinnied two times. Keil Bay does this every day, Salina did it, but Cody is nearly silent, and the pony too. But not today! The donkeys, of course, bray like mad on a near-daily basis.

Tomorrow it's going up near 70 degrees and the forecast is warning of possible high winds, huge amounts of rain, and tornadoes.

I am leaving everything here in the capable hands of dear husband so I can take son back to college for his spring semester. Daughter is going along to visit the biology department. 

I'm looking at being back to regular routine here on Tuesday morning and I seriously hope there is dry weather so I can get back on the Big Bay.

The writing routine is intact - that is one of those things that can be done anytime and anywhere, thankfully!


Grey Horse Matters said...

The weather there sounds miserable too. Snowed a little today but tomorrow will be in the fifties. Lots of rain in our forecast for the weekend.

Have a good trip there and back.

billie said...

I just realized I don't think I have bragged shamelessly here about my son - he made Dean's List his first semester! :)

He is now a double major - physics and pure mathematics.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations to him for making the Dean's list. He must take after his mother! ;)

Matthew said...

And now you are back, just in time for another saturation rain event!

billie said...

Yes - but the sun just came out for a few minutes - I think we are on the tail end of it!