Tuesday, January 07, 2014

cold, cold night

I've decided I like writing at the end of the day about that day versus writing the morning after the day, if that makes sense... so tonight I'm adjusting the blog to reflect this.

It is very cold outside. About 17 degrees right now, with wind blowing. Husband brought all the water buckets in and we filled them with warm water, then took them out to the barn - I figure at least they'll have the choice - the colder water in the big troughs or warm bucket water, at least to start the night with. They got their usual warm wet beet pulp tubs too.

There was no riding today. The rain cleared up by noon but the cold wind came hand-in-hand with the sunshine - the hay tent was blowing like the sail on a ship. The crazy equines were clustering around it, then galloping away when it blew up. I put them all in the arena and let them play that game for awhile, then put their hay in the back field and left them to it. They cantered to their hay piles and the donkeys went at full gallop with a few bucks thrown in for good measure.

I did my writing in the truck today while daughter had her riding lesson in the colder-by-the minute wind. It was good to get home tonight and settle in for the evening.

The wood stove is hot, I have laundry going which I'm hoping keeps the well pump going, there are two cats in bed with us, and the rest of the cats (and the Corgis) have warm spots. I'm finally starting to yawn so maybe it's time to say goodnight. :)


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

It was 70 yesterday afternoon, and a chilly 19 here for chores this morning - 6 with the windchill. Thank goodness for silk long underwear! :D

Matthew said...

The strangest thing to me about extreme cold is the sounds the deck and ground make when I walk on them. This morning the deck made a loud bang like a firecracker when I stepped in one place!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I can't imagine having a lesson in this cold. But then again when I was younger I would have done it too. Very cold here, right now it's up to a balmy 5 degrees and blowing.

Stay warm and snugly with your kitties and hubby of course.

billie said...

C, I have on my fleece-lined very thick winter breeches today. We sometimes wear ski pants over regular pants when it gets this cold!

billie said...

M, that's crazy! I haven't noticed that but you go out earlier than I do so maybe the sun warms things up enough that the snaps and pops don't happen.

billie said...

A, I wouldn't have either. But there were at least 8 students there riding and they did everything they usually do including jumping and short hack through the woods at the end. When I was a girl I would have ridden through an ice storm if that's what I had to do to be on a horse! Now I am happy to wait for a better day. :)