Wednesday, January 15, 2014

mid-week and back to the good routine

This morning I had a very good writing session - one of those where synchronicity played a part and I got lost in the process. I was later than usual getting out to the barn, but we have gradually adopted a new routine since Salina died where the herd gets hay when husband gets up to go to work, and I go out later (close to noon) and they get feed tubs then. I try to ride in that next hour or so - following the "feed the work" philosophy and also making sure they have good stuff in their bellies for the ride.

So, today I got out to the barn and realized wow - it is not 40 like I expected but close to 60! - so Keil Bay got a much-needed sheath cleaning and everyone got huge grooming and hoof cleaning. There was a lot of dust flying out there!

The donkeys had a little work-out with me on halter/lead line and then Keil and I had a very nice ride. He was so very sweet and cooperative in all ways. A little stiff and then he dragged his hind feet a bit but when I asked him to move out more, he did and was very alert and happy to do so.

The pony and Cody both had some work with their girl. It was one of those long, lovely barn days that felt like early spring. Alas, it is not. But we worked it anyway.

Local pork shank in the oven, sweet potatoes, and a glass of red wine. Perfect.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a perfect day topped off by a nice dinner and glass of wine. :)

billie said...

The pork is incredible!

billie said...

C, I'm on the iPad and just accidentally deleted your comment. I'm not sure about auditing - I was going to but it's conflicting with a Jung Society thing and I haven't decided yet which I will go to.

Yay re: next year!

Matthew C. said...

That was an amazing pork shank.

I'm going to buy those again! You did such a nice job with the seasoning too...

billie said...

Glad you liked it! I am going to make split pea soup with the bone, etc. in a few weeks. Am putting it in freezer today!