Saturday, October 06, 2012

the Singing Hanoverians, part two

We've had a short warm spell here this week, and yesterday my time got used up as I gave Salina a nice shampoo bath in advance of the cold front that is moving in tomorrow. It was warm enough that I opted not to ride, and I think Keil Bay was relieved that we were taking the day off.

There are very tiny gnats plaguing all of us, but hopefully the cooler temps rolling in will take care of them.

Meanwhile, I'm uploading part two of the Singing Hanoverians. In this one you get a taste of what they sound like, and also a sense of how patient they are with their Very Slow Woman who often gets caught up in the minutiae of preparing the tubs and loses sight of the end result: breakfast for hungry horses and donkeys!

Here you go, part the second.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Very cute. Love the impatient donkeys.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Anticipation is building... ;D

Rafer and Redford are charming and ever so patient, with radar ears tuned in to you!

Kyle Kimberlin said...

I'm struck by how very good they are at just being present with you-keeping you company - even though they're hungry and ready for their noms. :-)

billie said...

A, I was thinking how patient they are, given that they are not doing what Keil Bay does when he's allowed to stand at the feed room door - he comes right in with me! :)

billie said...

c, I didn't realize until this video venture how tuned in the donkeys are to what I'm doing.

billie said...

Kyle, they were all quieter during this series than they usually are - they are definitely all right there with me.

I should video what happens on the mornings when I've run out of salt and have to run into the house mid-feed prep!

I'm struck by how there was absolutely no percussion going on - that usually plays at least a small part in the chorus. :)