Thursday, October 04, 2012

the Hanoverian Chorus, part one, with the Squeaking Hinges

This week I decided to try and capture a bit of our morning routine here on November Hill. It was a gray and soggy day, and when I announced to the equines that I planned to document their performance for the blog they went uncharacteristically quiet.

The percussion section, as you will see, never even started up. But they eventually warmed up and I think you can get a small sense of what the regular chorus sounds like. Although the Hanoverian Chorus is the big act, you'll also see that the back-up act sort of steals the show. Alas, that is just how things go sometimes!

It was fun to see what goes on behind my back while I'm mixing up the feed tubs. :)

So without further ado, the Hanoverian Chorus, part one:  (click link to go to my YouTube channel! The rest of this series is still to come!)

Riding update:

We've had a few days off due to schedule craziness and rainy days, but this morning the Big Bay and I got back in the arena together and worked through a bit of stiffness to end up with a really nice bit of trot work. 

His chiropractor was set to be here on Wednesday but had a flat tire, and I think he needs her. I can feel one hip sitting slightly higher than the other at the beginning of our rides, though it feels like it works through to a more normal placement by the end of our walking warm-up. 

Today I was set to just do walking, but the sitting trot/walk intervals seemed to really feel good to Keil - he did them beautifully and then clearly wanted to go into big trot work, which we did.

We were joined by two donkeys who followed single line into the arena - after the rainy days, they too wanted to get a work-out. Theirs was a bit more rigorous than ours - involving flat out running, bucking, snorting, playing donkey-go-round, and they went in and out of the arena at times to run the entire front field and the dirt paddock. 

Must be nice to be young and flexible. :)


Matthew C. said...

I love how the donkeys just stand there flicking their ears and waiting for breakfast!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looking forward the the rest of the series. Those donkeys are adorable. It's nice to see all the equines in person.

Glad you had a good day riding. Too bad you didn't have the video camera with you to catch those rambunctious donkeys cavorting around.

billie said...

Matthew, lately I've let Salina stay out and she loves standing with her head in the feed room while I mix the tubs, but for the video I asked her to go in her stall - that's when she and Keil Bay tend to do the duelling Hanoverian thing!

The donkeys are so patient, although I didn't realize quite how much action I missed when my back was turned. :)

billie said...

A, I am not sure I could manage to ride and take photos at the same time! I like to focus on Keil Bay when I'm riding him - there are enough distractions as it is, but I agree it would have been fun to post some footage of donkey wildness. :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

cliffhanger... :(

billie said...

Sorry - I had no intention of making this a cliffhanger series but Blogger couldn't handle the uploads, and even YouTube took its sweet time!

I have to upload each segment when I have time to sit and wait for it. :)