Thursday, October 25, 2012

goings-on on November Hill

Yesterday I had a nice relaxed day - a morning ride on Cody and then an evening ride on Keil Bay. Even though I had a chauffering gig (mom to two teenaged humans) in mid-afternoon, and it took longer than I thought it would, the day still felt expansive. I love those days.

Today was a bit different. Early in the day my daughter came in to tell me she'd just seen Dickens (cat) sitting in the clearing in our neighbor's back yard. One of the mama does walked out of the woods with her fawn and they walked up to Dickens and sniffed him. Leave it to Dickens - he's charmed the horses and donkeys, and now he's working on the deer.

We had to hurry through chores, as we had a lot of running around to do today. I was relieved when I ended up back home mid-afternoon. As soon as I walked in the house I went to the kitchen window and looked out to see if Salina was in her stall in the barn. Her window was empty, but the moment I thought of her she popped her head out and looked right at me. A little while later she, Keil Bay, and the two donkeys were out in the barnyard grazing side by side. Seeing the gleaming black mare, the bright red bay, and the silver and red donkeys was a reminder of why I love being here. I love looking out my windows and seeing the equines all day long.

I headed out and immediately the action started. Our neighbors are having a huge wedding on their farm this weekend and today the big white tent went up. The truck that delivered it rattled and banged as it drove out of their driveway and up our gravel lane. The pony was down at the front fence when it passed and he galloped up like a race horse, right to me, and stopped. He looked me right in the eyes as if he were saying, "Did you see THAT?"

Salina, Keil Bay, and the donkeys came through the barn to make sure everything was okay. Cody was his usual laid-back self. A few minutes later a huge noise started up - I think they were having their sewage tank pumped out. We waited out the noise together, mucking in the front field. When it stopped the quiet was huge and lovely.

I did some chores and fed Salina. Keil Bay insisted that he too, is a senior and needs, desperately, his own senior meal. I had some extra beet pulp so I gave him a serving of beep and oats with water.

Redford Donkey has had a hoof abscess brewing and finally, today, after several nights of wrapping and remedies, he is better. In spite of his hoof he's been as active as ever, but it's nice to see a normal gait returning.

Everyone got their HA gel and some carrots, I finished chores, and by then it was near dark. They all go out with hay until the late feed around 9:30 p.m. Salina headed to the back field to find some acorns. Redford followed. Keil Bay sauntered out. Cody came up to me and looked right in my eyes - was I sure I didn't want to ride him again? Tomorrow, I assured him.

Tomorrow is a free day. Just horses and donkeys and cats and Corgis. And me.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a busy time at November Hill lately. It's good to have a free day coming up to just be with the animals.

Hope Sandy doesn't cause too much trouble in your area.

billie said...

Thanks, A - hope the same for you as it moves up the coast!

Máire said...

"The quiet was huge and lovely." I can so relate to that. We have a neighbour who likes to leave the radio on when he works in the garden and keep it on when he returns indoors. The contrast when it turns off! Huge and lovely indeed. A busy day. I hope you get more time to ride.

billie said...

Maire, the wedding was last night and at one point I was truly tired of the band playing. I could hear the music even inside the house with doors/windows closed, and I felt really sad for their horses, who were so close to the loudness that seemed endless.

When it stopped, a bit after 10 p.m., the night felt so big and thankfully empty of that false sound that had filled it for so many hours. I don't know what the wild creatures make of it, but as much as I love music, I don't like it outdoors turned up loud. It just doesn't belong there.

Probably why I toy with the idea of a sound system in our arena but never quite make it happen... on some level it just seems irreverent.

Victoria Cummings said...

Billie - I've been thinking of you all day. Hope that Sandy is sliding by you and not causing any issues. Sounds like you had your own little hurricane of rock and roll - hope everything settled down and that you stay safe!

billie said...

Thanks, V - so far just wind, no rain. Now that the wedding and after-party are over, I am keeping fingers crossed until they get the HUGE tent taken down. I have no idea if it's secured to withstand these very gusting winds we're getting.

All this is minor compared to what some are predicting further up the east coast - stay safe and take care of your arm!!