Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Singing Hanoverians, part three, and fall is HERE!

Here's the third segment of the Singing Hanoverians.

Otherwise, we are all enjoying a huge dip in temperatures, but would be enjoying it more if it were not accompanied by RAIN. Oh, well.

The chiropractor was here today and Keil Bay had a weird sort of hip rotation but the main out of whackness was in his lower wither - he absolutely wanted it adjusted but it was sore, so he would bob his head (do it! do it!) and then step away when she did. After a couple of tries, he stopped and let her really fix it, and I let him stay in the barnyard and near side of the barn alone all morning while the rest of the herd went out. Around here, staying"in" like that is actually a treat, so he was happy as could be.

He's moving with his panther swing again and we'll see how the next ride goes in a couple of days.

Salina got her adjustment as well - she had a minor hip rotation, a couple of neck things, one lumbar thing, but all were minor and she is in fine form today - she has dapples all over her coat, which is nice and fluffed with the chilly weather, and she was really perky and moving fast. The donkeys had themselves a rodeo, and in general, the entire herd was really up and silly.

It's nice to see some frisk after the long hot summer of 2012!

We have hoof trims tomorrow and Thursday is our busy day, so by week's end we should be back to riding around here. I'm looking forward to it.


Grey Horse Matters said...

They are all very cute and slightly impatient for breakfast. Good to hear they're all feeling frisky. The chiro adjustments must make Keil and Salina like new again. Have a good ride on Thursday.

Victoria Cummings said...

I'm glad I got to watch all three parts of the Haoverian singers without having to wait each day for the update - I love your barn with the openness so that everyone can see each other but still have his/her own space. My Quarter horse chorus is more low moans and mumbles, but I always arrive with the tubs fully prepped. If they had to watch and wait, I'm sure that Silk and SIete would be more high pitched. Once I can hold the video camera again, I'll have to send you a sample of it. I hope you keep up with the videotaping - it's really fun to see November Hill in action!

billie said...

Thanks, A, I'm really ready to get back to the rides!

billie said...

V, I have enjoyed the videos - they all have their own little routines while I'm prepping the tubs, and although I hear what's going on this has given me a chance to see some of the action as well. :)

Thanks re: the barn - it can be closed up pretty tight if we need to do so, but for the most part we keep it open the way it appears in the videos. The horses love seeing each other, and although it isn't pristine like some barns I've been in, the horses seem to like the airy, open, rustic quality of it.

Máire said...

I have enjoyed these videos! I love the roominess and airiness of your barn too. Just how do those donkeys stay out of the feed room?

billie said...

Maire, they are really really good donka boys. :) Rafer learned when he first came that he needed to stand outside the door when I prepare the tubs, and I guess that routine has rubbed off on Redford. They will go in the feed room occasionally but generally they are good about waiting for their meals.

Salina will stand in the doorway but not come in, but the geldings are all pretty bad, especially Keil Bay, about walking right in if I let down my guard while making the tubs. I try to give each of them a "turn" occasionally to be the one who gets to wait at the door. The donkeys sort of get it by default since they eat in the barn aisle, though. :)

Strawberry Lane said...

Just watched your 3 video productions of the Haoverian singers. It feels like a family gathering in your open barn. It's wonderful! Just love those little donkey ears!

Enjoyed your narrative. I just read a research study about how horses relate to the human voice, the tone etc. You certainly must have very happy kids in your barn, your voice is so soothing.

billie said...

So glad you enjoyed the little "series." :) We have a lot of fun in the barn, it's true. I talk to them all constantly and they really do respond and find their own ways to talk back.

I sometimes sing individualized made-up songs to them but didn't subject you all to that! :)