Tuesday, October 23, 2012

post-chiro bliss

Today I rode Keil Bay after my adjustment yesterday - it's been close to 6 weeks since my last one - and now that he AND I are both clear, the big swinging walk was truly back. My legs were longer and my feet felt really loose and relaxed and flexible in the stirrups. No twinging anywhere in my body!

We did a lot of shoulder-in, shoulder-fore, and flexing the poll at the walk. At one point when we got to the free walk (my version, where Keil can do anything he wants as long as he keeps up a big swinging gait), he did his own spiral in and out on a 15m circle. I was impressed - it feels to me like he does what he needs to stretch things out. 

The relaxation was a good thing today, as the neighbors drove their truck into their far-back yard area while I was riding, and were unloading something on the other side of their sheds. Keil was a bit alarmed at the ruckus, but handled it well.
Things got a little sticky when they finished. Dickens headed back there to see what they'd done, Cody and the pony went to the back field and proceeded to spook and gallop and play, and Keil went from normal relaxed swinging walk to poll in the clouds - super alert mode. We had to do circles and I had to keep an eye on Cody and the pony, who ended up galloping to the back gate of the arena and tried to open it to get in with Keil and me!

As soon as we got settled down, Dickens trotted up from the woods with something in his mouth and between his tossing whatever it was in the air and then chasing it, the geldings still spooking in the back field, and Matthew appearing in the barn out of nowhere, I decided it was time to end the ride. Keil had already come to a halt that said clearly: I'm ready to be done.

And so we were. More tomorrow.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like your ride started out great only to be cut short by unexpected goings on. I'm sure next time will be much better.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Oh happy adjustments + ride!

billie said...

A, it was a good ride - that ended when it was time to end, I think. :)

billie said...

C, def. feels good to be mobile from head to toe. Today I rode Cody in the a.m. and Keil Bay in the p.m.

Even Cody was alert to the back field this morning - we have foxes living here now, so that may well be what they're looking at so hard back there.

Keil was better today - a little looky but we rode through it and rode until near dark just to put a nice period on the end of the ride.

There was fox scat in several places in the arena! And deer in the woods' edge. But the horses are out with these wild creatures every day/night, so I'm not sure if that's what they're so up about or not.

In any case we are practicing marching through crunchy oak leaves by H, stepping on acorns at F, and generally getting some work around staying focused and avoiding selective spooking. :) I guess it's just that time of year! I will take it over the heat, for sure.

Matthew said...

Love the title here!

A big fox crossed the road right next to the church as I was pulling in yesterday with the hay bale. Maybe that was one who paid a visit to the arena? Then I got buzzed by an owl as I pulled into our driveway!

billie said...

M, wow - wish I could have seen both. Calling you right now to report this morning's amazing creature story. :)