Wednesday, July 20, 2011

too much to write about this week!

The chiropractic work was wonderful. Salina had one big adjustment and several small ones, but she pretty instantly felt relief after the big one. It was as usual quite impressive to see how big a difference our chiropractor can make in only a few minutes' time.

Cody had a few small things going on.

Keil Bay had a few things - notably his right pelvic joint. Notable because it's usually his left. Just like it's usually MY left. But when I went to the chiro myself in May she found that in fact my left was fine - it was my RIGHT that was rotated. Once again Keil Bay and I align in the same ways. :)

Keil as usual was in bliss within moments of the doctor's arrival. When he came into the barn aisle and she put her hand on his back, he lowered his head, closed his eyes, and started licking and chewing. BEFORE she even did anything. He knows what's coming and when she'd done about half of her work on him, he turned his head to her and licked her hand.

Yesterday was the biggest and best day of the week because we had a very special birthday here. Rafer Johnson turned FOUR years old! I'm sorry I don't have a birthday portrait to share. My camera is broken and it's just been crazy busy here this week so I haven't had a chance to get husband or daughter to take one. I have delayed the birthday treats - it is so hot and so miserable out I feel like we should wait until the heat breaks to celebrate properly. But Rafer got to bring Salina and Redford into the back yard to graze last night and tonight, and I noticed that Rafer helped himself to some cherry tomatoes from the veggie garden.

It's so hard for me to believe he is already 4 years old. He remains a soulful, intellegent, loving donkey who never fails to bring not just a smile but a deep sense of peace and contentment to my days. Happy birthday, Rafer!

Redford celebrated by making a very clear and intentional jaunt down the lane to the cul de sac. I ran for halter and feed bucket but by the time I got to the driveway with them he and husband were already back, with just a lead rope around his neck. He is an adventurer but a sensible one.

We had hoof trims today and it was brutal in the heat/humidity. All I want to do is get through these next few days and the weekend and get back to the low 90s again!!

There is absolutely no riding going on here in this heat. I wouldn't ask a horse to wear tack or bear weight in these conditions. We're hosing and keeping them as comfortable as possible. And hoping for a break.

Hope everyone is staying cool and taking care of your horses!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful boy!

Chiro has made a big difference to my horses too - glad yours enjoyed it.

Stay cool!

billie said...

Thanks, Kate.

For several years, all the horses here alternated each month between chiro and massage. It was a wonderful program of body work and they all thrived on it, but as the budget got tighter, I had to cut way back.

This spring I've put monthly massage back in for Salina, who I think really needs it right now, and am getting back in the chiro schedule for the herd. Keil Bay has been an avid and eager chiro client since the first time he got it. I suspect he'd had it before he came to live with me, but either way, he is a true believer in body work.

Kyra Corgi got her first adjustment and she was quite happy too.

You stay cool as well. It sounds like Pie has a similar response to heat as our Cody does. Apparently many PSSM/EPSM horses are sensitive to heat so we keep a very close eye on Cody. Since he went on the ALCAR everything, including his ability to tolerate heat, is better.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The treatments sound wonderful. I'm a little jealous, I think I could use one too.

Happy Birthday little guy! He's such a special little donkey boy and it sounds like he had a good day. And a nice adventure too. You gotta love him.

We're miserable here too, it's in the high 90's going to almost 100 today and tomorrow. It's the humidity that kills you. Stay cool.

billie said...

Thanks, A - it sounds like we're all bearing the brunt of summer heat right now. Here's to a cool drink and some relief very soon!

ponymaid said...

billie - Rafer is four years old already?! Please wish him a very happy belated birthday from the great northern blast furnace - it seems but two minutes ago that his leg was recuperating. Molly recently had that chiro work done for her lameness but alas, no difference was seen. She continues on the beef flavoured tablets and ice boot for now. Redford seems somewhat torn between his gypsy roots and his homebody inclinations...

billie said...

Sheaffer, I can hardly believe it myself. Although on one hand it feels like Rafer has been with us forever, on the other it seems, as you say, like only minutes ago that he was a young sprog on November Hill.