Monday, July 11, 2011

still looking for the lazy days of summer

I'm not sure what happened - I had an image of myself wafting gently through July, with nothing on the schedule, keeping horses and myself cool, reading books, writing books, and generally relaxing after a busy spring.

Instead the schedule is so full I've got it split off onto four different calendars so it doesn't completely overwhelm me.

Today I purposefully slowed down while doing morning chores at the barn. I mean literally slowed down. I walked more slowly, did things slowly, stood and gazed at the barn calendar (I only put horse things on it and all the horse things are good things - massage, trims, chiro) so it looked blissfully empty save these healthy, happy pamperings the horses actually look forward to doing.

Amidst what we always called "June bugs" - the green flying beetles - which now seem to appear in July - and donkeys doing dust baths, geldings getting hosed, and Salina gleaming in the sun, I went from one chore to the next without any hustle or bustle at all.

Cody joined me as I completed my final chore - rinsing breakfast tubs and scrubbing them with vinegar. He wanted a second hosing, so I stood and sprayed where he loves it best, right under his jaw bones. He held his head up and lifted his upper lip in the air. We both were soaked by the end of it, but we're having the three hottest days of the summer this week, so it felt good.

I didn't eat lunch until 4:15 p.m. and just about the time I finished I realized I needed to run to the feed store before they closed. One errand led to another and it was nearly 8 when I looked at the clock again.

This evening, I heard a ruckus in the front field. The horse across the lane was whinnying to the November Hill geldings, who were responding by running around in a big loop that included the front fence line. It was exciting to see such activity going on in such hot weather, so I walked down to enjoy the show. Of course as soon as they saw me they came galloping, and the show came to a stop.

Dickens joined us, lying like a tuxedoed lion king in the dusk. Salina and the donkeys were happy up at the barn, grazing in the near darkness.

Back in the house I was greeted by several loads of clean laundry that needed folding, a big feline hairball on the sofa cover that instantly put me a load of laundry behind, and an odd sensation that I needed to go open a bin I have in the dining room that has some horse items needing to be taken to the consignment shop. Where do these sensations from the blue really come from, and why do I listen to them?

Somehow, there was water in the bin. I have no idea how it got there, but the entire bin of items were moldy and needed immediate attention. So add about 5 more laundry loads to the list.

Except for crazy urges to look in bins and make work for myself, I did manage to have an almost lazy day. Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy, so I needed it.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I find that spring and summer are the busiest months too. There's never a break until winter. Funny you mentioned mold. Saturday I noticed a lot of the bridles needed mold cleaned from them and a few saddles too. We've located the dehumidifier and set that up in the tack room, I hope it helps.

After today I wish we could all have a peaceful, lazy summer to wile away the days with a good book and a comfy lawn chaise.

billie said...

A, usually October is busiest for us but it is being rivaled this year by July. I am not quite sure how that happened!

We made it through yesterday's 100-degrees and today it will be close but not quite to the 3-digit point. Tomorrow we cool way down so I'm just trying to get through today!

Máire said...

Is it a female thing, do you think? Always knowing that another chore needs to be done. I am impressed you found that an almost lazy day.

billie said...

Maire, it's funny that my idea of a lazy day now is when I don't have to go anywhere or do anything except horse chores and the house basics - of which laundry is the number one ongoing chore.

The hairball and moldy bin took things over the top!