Thursday, July 14, 2011

heartbreaking story of ponies in Australia - please read and act

You can read the full story HERE on Billie Dean's blog.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that's despicable. I'm afraid there is not really any help for these ponies, it seems this woman has done as much as she could. If they are still murdering these poor animals after they have been offered homes writing them an e-mail from here really isn't going to stop it. It reminds me of the situation we have here with the BLM, only I don't think they're quite as cruel.

billie said...

I feel that as long as they are still alive it's worth trying, which is why I took the time last night to post this and to write emails to the folks in charge.

I hope everything reading will consider doing the same. Even if these ponies all end up dead, getting a big reaction may help ponies in the future.