Sunday, July 17, 2011

more nonsense from the Parellis!

For less than $150. you can now get a detailed report on your "humanality," your horse's "horsenality," and how the two of you match together! These two words describing our humanness and our horse's horsiness are so unique they had to make them up and trademark them!

Best of all, you need not submit yourself or your horse to anything except a questionaire that you yourself complete! Isn't it incredible that a mere questionaire can reveal so much?

Never mind that if you as a rider are confused about your horse's behaviors the answers you give will be useless. Never mind that your own biases about yourself might tend to skew the results a bit.

It's all there in your customized match report.

Does anyone really believe Linda Parelli has the knowledge and skill to develop this "tool?"

If the video of Linda and the one-eyed horse was still available on the internet, I'd link you to it so you could see for yourself. What was that match? Terrified blind horse and clueless woman?

Please. If you want to learn more about yourself and your horse, spend time together. Try getting quiet and really observing what your horse does in response to each tiny thing YOU do. Offer kindness and respect. Get quiet instead of loud. Spend your $150. on a few sessions with a trainer who uses humane training methods and can stand in the arena with you to offer suggestions.

Don't pad the pockets of the Parellis.

Digital Horsenality/Humanality/Match Report

Shop > Horsenality/Humanality > Digital Report > Digital Horsenality/Humanality/Match Report
DIGITAL Horsenality™/Humanality™/Match Report
(Printed report version available. Click to view.)

If you’ve ever wished your horse came with an owner’s manual that took his quirks and unique personality into account, then prepare to be  thrilled! For the first time in history you can generate a detailed report that reveals your horse’s innate Horsenality™ and gives you specific recommendations for success! This 40+ page personalized report is totally focused on your horse and will detail clear and concise training strategies based on his unique Horsenality™.
Humanality™  is the sum of your human experience compiled in a custom personality  report which gives you action strategies that help you be the “best me  that I can be”. By better understanding your Humanality™ around people from the perspective of a psychologist you’ll learn how they reveal your  strengths, core motivations, and reactions to stress.
Developed personally by Linda  Parelli, the Match Report will teach you how to flex your natural  tendencies to become the leader your horse needs you to be!
Your custom Horsenality™ report will reveal:
  • why certain exercises and activities are more challenging than others for your horse
  • how to set training and play sessions up for  success
  • how  to understand your horse’s strengths
  • how to solve problems with clarity
Your custom Humanality™ report will reveal:
  • the uniquely identifying factors of the four main Humanality™ types
  • your specific Humanality™ profile
  • tips on understanding and maximizing your core nature
  • how different situations affect your Humanality™
  • how to build upon your strengths and how to flex or modify your style around others for the best possible outcome
Your custom Match report will reveal:
  • the similarities and differences between you and your horse
  • your relationship dynamics, challenges, partnership strategies on the ground and in the saddle
  • situational stress behaviors you may exhibit around your horse and what you can do about them
  • positive aspects of your match.
After placing your order for this report, you will receive an email notification that will allow you to complete and submit a questionnaire(s) about your horse and yourself. Once you submit the questionnaire, your report will be generated and available to view immediately.


In response to Sheaffer's comment, I did a little more looking on the Parelli website, specifically for information about what they "give back."

Oh my.

Here are a few choice snippets:

In helping the world become a better place for horses and humans, we are proud to officially announce the long-awaited launch of the Parelli Horsemanship Fund.
It is our vision that it will help to take the efforts of Parelli to the next level of influencing how horses are respected, trained and treated by donating significant funds into a vehicle by which we can “give back”.

Horse Rescues – to help give misunderstood or neglected horses a future. By providing training for rescue center personnel, donating take-home educational and equipment care kits to adopters and partnering with major rescue and animal welfare organizations, we will help create environments where rescue horses receive the best possible second chance.

The Parelli Horsemanship Fund will be supported in this way:
• A portion of proceeds from our new “Benefactor” Level of Membership.
• Donations from members, friends, organizations and philanthropists.
• Fundraisers. From bake sales to fun days, fundraisers bring the Parelli Community together for the benefit of horses and humans worldwide.
• Sales of Parelli Dream Horses. When the time comes to shop for your next horse, consider the Parelli Dream Horse Program as your first stop.

The reality of scale
Because of the impact Parelli has had on the relationships between horses and humans worldwide, many people reach the erroneous assumption that Parelli is a huge corporation with limitless pockets. In truth, we are a relatively small business with a very big dream to help create a better world for horses and humans!

Today, 1 in 200 horse owners use the Parelli Program worldwide. When we achieve our next milestone goal and 1 in 100 horse owners worldwide are members of the Parelli Program, we will automatically donate a percentage of all member revenue to the Parelli Horsemanship Fund (in addition to the percentage of Benefactor member revenue we are committing to TODAY).

Our ultimate goal, with your help is to reach 1 in 10 horse owners worldwide using the Parelli Program. When we reach this goal we will be able to not only educate but also donate significant funds to all of the causes we support. Can you imagine how that would transform the world?!

Like any small business, we have to carefully watch expenses and often have moments where we soldier on through in the face of doubt and economic downturn. Many might read the above aspirations and think we’ve gone a bit mad. Those individuals would make a critical misjudgment however by not realizing the transformative power love, language and leadership has with horses and humans alike and how that love can, and has, changed the world already.

So, are we crazy? Maybe. But who would have thought in 1991, when Pat and Linda coined the term natural horsemanship, that today it would be a household term in the equine industry? Who could have guessed that communication with horses could have changed the lives not only of a cowboy from California and a girl from Australia, but for a legion of horse owners worldwide who call themselves part of the Parelli Family? No one can guess, but we can get there, with your help, of that we are certain!

Interesting that the way they help rescues is by giving them "take-home education" about how to do things the Parelli way.  I am also intrigued with the list of ways the Parelli Fund is actually funded. And the statement that they are a "small business." ??  I don't know - haven't seen any reports of their actual earnings but my understanding is that the business is actually quite large.

Whatever your inclination with regards to the Parellis, do some homework before you sign on with them. Don't blindly assume they have a clue. A lot of horse people think they don't.


Grey Horse Matters said...

All I can say to this is "Where do I sign up to be a sucker?"

jme said...

oh boy. this is just what we need more of; pop psychology and pseudoscience to take advantage of desperate and confused people (and probably lead them in the wrong direction.) they make me sick.

billie said...

A, I'm sure you can guess - planet parelli!!

billie said...

j, I hope you caught the line about humanality revealing to us "the sum of our human experience in a custom personality report."

The sheer narcissism and stupidity of that line just made me want to scream.

Barbara said...

Who fills out the horse's part of the questionnaire?

billie said...

The rider, of course! The accuracy of observation varies wildly, I imagine. :/

ponymaid said...

billie - I wonder if Linda Parelli would agree to send the money derived from sales of this elaborate joke to equine rescue? Then at least it would do some good.

billie said...

I think I will ask her!

jme said...

that's so absurd! and insulting. if 'the sum total' of my 'human experience' can be compiled in one of their crappy reports, i'd feel pretty bummed about my life. :-\

billie said...

I know - it's nothing short of bizarre that they put that line in the description.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...


Don't forget the "TM" when you mention "Horsenality" and "Humanality". What a load of crap! Words fail me...

Barbara said...

I just read the additional part with the statement from the Parellis - gag worthy. I think they need to expand their business model to include an excellent PR agency - they suck.

billie said...

Barbara, I couldn't quite believe it when I read it the first time.