Monday, July 18, 2011

busy week in the heat

Of course the week we have the chiropractor coming out and then the trimmer the temps decide to skyrocket. My favorite way to spend the very hot days is with nothing at all on the agenda.  And now the weather forecast has these high temps stretching into NEXT week.

Hopefully as July rolls out, a more moderate weather mode will roll in. At least that's what I'm focusing on right now!

The reward at the end of this week is going to see the movie Buck in my favorite theater - it's an old one, in a very horsey little town, and assuming I make it through the heat wave all week, I'll be spending an afternoon browsing tack shops, consignment shops, getting chicken salad at the ice cream parlor, and seeing what sounds like a terrific movie.

I'm sure I'll be blogging about Keil Bay and his chiropractic appointment. Salina and Cody are on for one too, but it's Keil Bay who will swoon when he sees one of his favorite people coming to the barn. I've been telling him this was on for the past month. I'm not sure he believed me. So I can't wait to see his face. Keil Bay LOVES getting adjusted!


Grey Horse Matters said...

We've got some heat and humidity going on here too. Yesterday the farrier was here from 7:30 to noon and all the horses are done. It was hot being out all morning. Luckily, we rode around 8 when it wasn't too bad yet.

I'm sure the big bay will enjoy his adjustment and you'll have a good time shopping and seeing the movie. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

The heat is no fun. Enjoy the movie - I'm hoping to see it soon!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I was supposed to be in your neck of the woods this weekend, and had plans to check out a new trainer and see Buck. I watched him on David Letterman a while back - made me want to see the film even more. Charming, sincere, down to earth... all about the horses. An excellent contrast to the subject of your post yesterday ;)

Lucky Keil Bay!

billie said...

A, we have trimmer coming tomorrow and it is going to be a sweatfest, I'm sure!

billie said...

Kate, I will enjoy - right now I'm hoping for a weather miracle tomorrow so trims can commence without me passing out in the heat.

billie said...

C, sorry you won't be passing through - the heat is going to be awful through the weekend though, so maybe your trip is best for another time.

I need to do a new post - adjustments were lovely and today is Rafer's birthday. It's just too hot to think!