Sunday, July 03, 2011

a message from the mystical-kit

Please reconsider using fireworks in your backyard. Fireworks can be terrifying for horses, dogs, cats, birds, and all manner of wildlife. And with all the wildfires burning across the country, why risk starting another one? If you enjoy fireworks, go to the nearest professionally done display and enjoy those. We don't have to break the sound barrier to celebrate independence.

(a note from billie: click on the photo to see it big so you can check out his gorgeous eyes!)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Gorgeous eyes and a beautiful kitty.

Not crazy about backyard fireworks either. The horses and dogs aren't too happy about them either.We've already had some idiots shooting off ash cans last night.

billie said...

We didn't have any on the 4th. On the night of the 5th, at nearly 11 o'clock, the renters up the lane started. I went out and checked on the horses, who were all up in the paddock milling around, and then heard the two horses across the road calling and running, as more fireworks were set off.

I put a jacket over my pajamas and drove right up the lane, wheeled into the driveway of the offending neighbors, and told them I had concerns about fires with it being so dry, as well as about the horses in the neighborhood. I confess, I was not very nice in that moment, but I wanted them to know that it was not acceptable and they apologized.

One more went off after I got home and I considered calling the sheriff out - then decided to let them have that "last word" as long as it didn't continue, and it didn't.

The funny thing was that minutes later, as I stood steaming on the front porch almost daring them to do just one more, a huge thunderstorm rolled in out of nowhere!