Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last night my daughter spent about an hour photographing three of our cats who were all in the dining room laying claim to various spots on the dining room table, the chairs, and the space beneath and around.

The two sisters, Keats and Osage, and the youngling male Mystic, who was found by our massage therapist's son by the side of a dark road, so tiny he had to be fed by hand.

Mystic is a beautiful and very striking cat. The most unusual thing about him is that reminds me of a wolf. The way he moves is wolf-like, and there are moments when he seems distinctly canine. It's so odd seeing canine and feline together in one sleek creature.

He was an adorable kitten. And now he's all grown up.


ponymaid said...

Billie, my impression from his portrait is that he IS a wolf - in cat's clothing, so to speak. He just got in the wrong line when they were handing out fur suits. I'm quite confident he's of the lupine family, it's just that he appears more feline to viewers.

billie said...

I'm glad someone else sees it, Sheaffer - I wish could illustrate all the wolfen qualities here.

When he runs, it looks totally canine, and unlike the felines here, when he runs on the hardwood floors, it sounds like a dog, not silent like the cats.

He doesn't use his paws like cats do, but tends to use his teeth. :0

He also sleeps in my daughter's room, like a dog would - often not leaving the room until she gets up, and then he runs down the stairs with her.

A wolf in cat's clothing - that's the perfect description... :)

wenda said...

And such a handsome wolf he is! I very much like his choice not to conform.

billie said...

We think he's quite handsome too, Wenda! He is definitely adding a whole new feline flavor to the family.

Michelle said...

He's a gorgeous cat! Is it just the camera angle or are his feet enormous? He looks like a big boy.

billie said...

He's big (but a feather-weight!) - there's another photo of him in snow that shows his entire body. It should be last winter, if you want to dig through my completely unorganized archives! There is no way I will ever go back and create labels and categories, but at times like this I wish I had. :)