Tuesday, August 11, 2009

trim notes for august 2009

Rafer Johnson: trimming role model extraordinaire! Feet looked good, lots of growth this time. He went first today and then assisted with Salina and Redford.

Redford: Almost as well-behaved as Rafer, with good feet and good growth.

Salina: Noted for B. that she had abscess in July, left front, right at coronary band as per usual. However, she's going longer between the annual abscess now - first year it was April, then May, and this year July. HUGE amount of growth this time - she needed so much toe taken off it was a bit of an ordeal doing the right front, which is her stiffer knee. The donkeys stayed close for moral support!

Cody: Dubbing on rears nearly gone, which means the AlCar is working, he's not dragging hind toes, and his hooves got the best hoof award of the day. Yay!

Keil Bay: A lot of growth too, with some ragged edges due to me not being able to rasp this month. A bit fussy by the last hoof as he gazed frustrated at the goody bag.

Apache Moon: Fuss budget award goes to the pony, whose feet were typically good and he was really leaning and pulling and swishing his tail some. He had to be backed down the barn aisle at the end so there was something good to give him a treat for! We forgive him. It's the second hottest day of the year, the fly predators just went out yesterday, and right now the summer seems ENDLESS.

We are all awaiting the chill of autumn, the changing color of leaves, and the smell of woodsmoke. Thankfully tomorrow's high is 83 with rain!

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