Thursday, August 13, 2009

enjoying the break from heat

On Tuesday the temp dropped from the day's high of 97 to 77 in the span of only a few hours - a wind came through and it was possible to feel the heat dissipating. I watched the horses and donkeys come to life in the early evening - trotting in circles and cantering up and down the hill.

Yesterday we had some rain and cloud cover with a high of 83. It was nice to do barn chores with no sweat! It felt so good I did some extra cleaning in the barn, although I stopped short of what I really want to do - empty the tack/feed room out completely to de-web and get everything clear of dust, then put it all back. Hopefully I can do that this weekend.

We have a string of days in the 80s to enjoy before it goes back up to 90. And while I hope we don't get so much rain it gets mucky again, I'm loving the gentle rains that are keeping everything watered and green.

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