Sunday, August 16, 2009

the boys of summer

Typing from my new location, a quiet corner in the bedroom, right by a window that overlooks the front field and Salina and the donkeys' paddock. I'm thinking the change is good.

I am slightly horrified to report that I only got a little bit of my barn cleaning done this weekend. I did make a start, though, and hopefully created some momentum toward completion.

I did enjoy some time with horses and donkeys, and while I sat and got donkey hugs, watched Salina whirl her hindquarters toward the Big Bay with a squeal, and fielded horse flies, my daughter captured a couple of handsome boys with the camera.

Redford has made peace with the cowboy and the two of them are on quite good terms these days:

And Rafer Johnson seems to be signaling that it's time for a picnic supper:

Considering that all of the equines are getting more lush grass than normal, I think the table will have to stay bare for now!

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