Saturday, August 15, 2009

weekend list

My things to do this weekend:

-charge up the camera battery so I can take it outside and get some photos of the donkey boys in all their sleek summer glory

-clean the feed/tack room from top to bottom

There are more things I want and hope to do, but I'm not going to overwhelm myself with a long list.

I had the impulse last night to consider moving my computer and desk to a slightly less central spot in the house. I'm not ready to go up to my garret, which is now full of sandplay energy and always has a tray in progress these days, thanks to my children.

I considered borrowing the art studio since it has a nice window overlooking the front field, but I'm also thinking of the bedroom since it also has windows to the field and is not so "removed" as the upstairs.

Having my desk set up right in the thick of the household has been good this year, but now it's feeling like I can't quite settle in to work.

We'll see how it flows. I may be writing from a new location next blog post.

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