Tuesday, March 25, 2008

trim notes

I'm using this space as a sort of hoof diary - it helps me to write up the trims each time so I can track progress and organize my thoughts about feet.

Keil Bay - I am so excited about the progress we're seeing. His front hooves are beginning to get nice and round instead of oblong and narrow, as the heels continue to spread out. As this happens, he's landing solidly on the heels more and the tiny centerline cracks are growing out. The frog tissue is getting healthier. Really good to see.

Salina - She is no longer stumbling in front - something we had attributed to the arthritic knees, but as it turns out the hoof wall was too thick.

Rafer Johnson - His first trim with us - went very well. A little testing of the boundaries but with our trimmer's patient, loving demeanor and daughter's praise and reward with carrot pieces, he is now trimmed and balanced.

Cody - Wonderful progress. Soles are thickening and there is NO more soreness after trimming. He is learning to relax and enjoy the trim.

Apache Moon - His feet continue to be great. A little bit cheeky today but lots of praise and pats when he relaxed got him through. I noted that his feet sound different when the rasp touches them - it's a more solid, musical sound. Good feet - good tone?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well everything seems to be progressing wonderfully. It is amazing what a good farrier and proper trimming and shoeing can do for a horse. By the way I love the name Apache Moon, it has a musical romantic tone to it. Maybe that's why his hooves sound musical to the rasp.

billie said...

Arlene, sometime I'll have to take some close-ups of all his markings. He has a lovely three-quarter moon on his left barrel, which is where his name comes from. He also has a snail, a lightning bolt, an inverted "V", and a few other things. Vet has a lot of fun drawing the markings for the Coggins!

When the moon (the real one) gets to 3/4 full, we always say it's an "Apache moon" out. :)

Matthew said...

Sounds like a good trim today. Wish I could have seen cute-as-a-button Rafer getting trimmed.

billie said...

Oddly, the hind feet were a piece of cake, and the fronts took a bit more time. By the end he was laying his head on B's back, as relaxed as could be.

Daughter was a HUGE help and even got commended in B's notes for her good work and assistance. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, I have trims coming up here next week. I am not looking forward to that. I can't even imagine keeping trim notes on my herd although I do on the twins.

There is still so much to learn about horse feet!

billie said...

MiKael, I had intended to do photos of each hoof before and after each trim, but that plan fell by the wayside. I wish I had made the time for it, now, as it would be SO educational for me to see the changes.

I'll bet all your notes on the twins are fascinating.