Thursday, March 27, 2008

partying down on November Hill

I so wish my camera battery wasn't dead and that I could find the power cord, which has been found (for me) and misplaced (by me) twice this week already.

Horses were in the back field with fresh hay around 4:15. Around 5 I happened to walk by the bedroom window and noticed Salina was in the FRONT field. The front field is off limits until the end of April so it can rest and so the grass can mature. It looks quite lovely with the spring grass coming in.

I couldn't imagine why she was out there, but I ran out to check. They had busted right through the gate and were having a big old party. Keil Bay had redbud blossoms all over his back. Rafer Johnson was running and bucking with pure mischief in his eye.

They were not happy about being marched out one by one. Rafer was simply herded out as he was too excited to be caught.

I suppose I started this whole thing this morning when I sang Happy Birthday to Salina and told the geldings to make sure she had a good day.

Happy 25th, Miss Salina Girl - your herd gave you a nice happy hour!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday to Salina!She sure did have a great time, courtesy of the boys didn't she? It really is too bad you didn't have a camera for this I would have loved to see the celebration.

billie said...

Camera is now plugged in and recharging. I would have loved to take a photo of Keil Bay in redbud blossoms and Rafer cutting up.

When I went out to do a temporary fix on the gate they all marched with me down the paddock, hoping, I suppose, that I had lost my senses and was going to let them back out there.

Aside from the humor, this did remind me what a jolt it is to suddenly see one's horses in a place you know they're not supposed to be.

Salina did her stretches this morning with butterscotch treats instead of carrots, which she really enjoyed.

Matthew said...

What an amazing tale of an enterprising herd of equines!

I hope Salina enjoyed the birthday treat.

billie said...

I am not sure enterprising is the right word. I was thinking of them as the Gang of Five yesterday as we brought them in from their escapade.

Victoria Cummings said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Salina -She's in great shape for her age - a good role model!

billie said...

Thanks - she is such a queen. It's so warm here today she might get a bath - one of her favorite things.

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday Miss Salina! Sounds like quite a party. Funny how the grass is always greener and this time it really was. lol

Too bad about no camera. I never have mine when I want it either. lol

billie said...

MiKael, it definitely is greener on the other side in this case - LOL.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!