Wednesday, March 05, 2008

busy day ahead

Last night we had a band of storms roll through, along with some high winds and a tornado watch, so I asked my husband to close the barn up when he went out at nine. It wasn't so bad when he went out, but an hour later, and on past midnight, the wind was roaring and we lost power.

The kids and I stayed up until it came back on. I called it in a bit after midnight, and within a very short time, the power truck was making its way down our lane, checking every power line with big powerful flashlights. Then they drove back up the road and in 15 minutes or so, the lights came back on.

I'm impressed - we belong to a fairly small electrical co-op, and they are incredibly responsive to calls and repairs. We've had the same experience with our high speed internet, ingeniously relayed house to house by antenna via a small local software company. Calling either of these companies when something goes wrong is so much better than getting stuck in Progress Energy or Time Warner's nightmarish labyrinthine computerized telephone systems.

Today we have sunshine and no trees down. I'm sure the stalls are a mess since the horses did not have their usual freedom to go in and out.

It happens to be chiropractor day, and although we usually get two horses done each month, today it's three because Keil Bay was such a mess last time he needs rechecking sooner than 8 weeks. So that's three horses who I am quite positive have gone out this morning and rolled in the mud who will have to be cleaned up before 9:45. I'm determined to finish my latte before heading out.

Later, my daughter has her lesson on the older, BTDT Arab-Welsh pony she's using for Pony Club clinics while she retrains her own little man. (whose response to her riding/jumping another pony was to persistently try to jump the one vertical we had set up in the arena during her lesson on him last Friday - at the end of the lesson they finally let him and he was HAPPY as he jumped it, which is a victory)

I've got to get rolling here!


Matthew said...

Good luck with your very busy day!

billie said...

Happy to report that we did indeed get the horses cleaned up, and that both Keil Bay and Salina were very clear and only needed minor adjustment. Keil Bay was his usual "I love body work" self.

Apache Moon had more going on, so he gets another turn next month, along with Cody.

Right now there are three happy, endorphin-filled horses standing out in the sun just grooving on their very busy day.

Poor Cody is on herd watch, along with Rafer Johnson, who did NOT want to leave the barnyard after Salina was done b/c he himself did not get a turn!

I have promised him that he'll join the chiro schedule as he gets a bit older.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I love when our chiropractor comes,she also incorporates acupuncture with her manipulations, the horses who are worked on always seem happy and relaxed when she is done. I think it makes a big difference in how they feel, don't you?

billie said...

Arlene, I have said many times that the chiropractor's fee is the best money I spend for the horses. Keil Bay quite literally LINES UP for his turn, and if it isn't his month, he will often come into his stall, back up to the stall wall, and shove his butt against the wall while trying to get the chiro's attention. She said the first time she came out (in front of Keil, I kid you not) that a frequent sign of adjustment being needed is shoving butts against walls. He seems to know that gets her attention!

He is incredibly good at telling both me and the chiro exactly where something is out.

For Salina (25 w/ arthritic knees) the combination of Adequan and chiropractic adjustment has made a HUGE difference in her mobility and comfort. She was (we think) having headaches due to the locked up atlas joint - with her one eye, she almost perpetually tilts her head in order to get the most vision out of her right side. That tilt has, over time, done a number on her atlas. But it's almost completely clear after a year of Adequan and chiro care.

When I have extra money, I add in massage therapy so each horse alternates between massage and chiro - that's the very best, but with four, it adds up, so I can't always do the massage too.

They love it.