Friday, March 21, 2008

beautiful busy day

The wind has died down to almost nothing today, the sun is warm, and as usual, life out at the barn is full. Each moment brings something new to notice.

First off, Salina and Keil Bay got a bit agitated while waiting for breakfast. Salina broke the invisible line Keil Bay puts up around the barn shelter, Keil pinned his ears, Salina kicked the wall, and Keil Bay bumped his head. It took me a minute to figure out if the sound I'd heard was Salina's hoof hitting the wall or Keil's head hitting the beam. Unfortunately, it was both. Keil Bay got a Traumeel tablet and I went on with making breakfast.

While they ate, I worked on water troughs. There was pollen in the big trough in the main paddock, and when I looked up, I realized the tulip poplar is leafing out!

The carpenter bees came out 2 days ago and any day now I expect the Toad Prince will burrow his way out from behind the pump in the barn. He is a very welcome guest and when he comes out it's a sure sign that spring is here to stay.

I proceeded to turn horses back out and decided to get a few chores done for tomorrow's Writing With Horses workshop. The horse blankets were in the way and I needed a place to put them until I can get them washed and stored until next winter. I decided to stick them in the back of the horse trailer, something I've never done, and when I opened up the trailer and started putting blankets inside, Keil Bay and Salina began trumpeting from the back field.

They were watching intently, and I realized they thought someone was going somewhere. Salina was concerned and trotted around to the paddock (with her sidekick) to see what was up.

She stayed until she felt reassured that no, we weren't going on any trips.

Meanwhile, the crows were behind the back field having one of their very loud congresses, and Dickens E. Wickens gave up cowboy duty to Be A Cat. Last I saw, he was slinking the shadows stalking birds!


Grey Horse Matters said...

The sky behind the tulip poplar is beautiful, glad the wind died down, we still have gales here.I am in love with little Rafer, peeking through the post, he couldn't be more adorable. Sounds like a busy but peaceful day, happy to hear Keil Bay didn't hurt his head too badly, when Mellon did that to himself a few months ago he needed stitches. Have a nice time at the workshop.

billie said...

Arlene, he's the cutest thing ever. I wish I could do a video of him running to catch up with Salina when she heads out to the field and he realizes she's gone. The only word I can think of that fits what he does when he runs like that is "skitters."

His feet seem like they aren't touching the ground, and his little head is low to the ground. Every now and then he kicks his heels up a little. It's so funny.

Oh, I'm sorry Mellon had to have stitches. I was worried I'd have to call the vet this a.m. but he got a bump and that was all. Sigh. They are so big and powerful but sometimes it seems like they're as fragile as Breyer horses!

Victoria Cummings said...

I love Rafer too. I know that there's a mini donkey in my future, but for now, I'll take vicarious pleasure in yours. Last summer, Silk bashed her head into the back of her stall and cut herself right over her eye. It is always scary when they do that kind of thing. We're looking forward to all the details of your workshop - have fun - wish I could be there.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad no one was seriously hurt in the mornings disturbance. Isn't is funny how quickly they learn what the horse trailer represents. Mine would have been right there too wondering who was going.

Have fun at your workshop.

billie said...

Victoria, one day we'll have to have a writing retreat here or there, or both. Write, break for horse chores/horse time, write, eat, share pages.

I think you'd love the miniature donkey demeanor. They are funny and spunky but very sweet.

billie said...

Thanks, MiKail - the pony is so savvy about the horse trailer he knows that it doesn't mean anything UNLESS it's hooked up to the truck! :)