Monday, January 21, 2008

very cold

Last night we hit 8 degrees Fahrenheit. I went out this morning at 9 to feed and it was 14 degrees.

The horses came in for their feed same as usual, and licked the tubs clean. I hauled some hot water from the house to add to their water buckets so they could drink cold water as opposed to icy water. The troughs out in the paddocks were frozen solid on top, so I cleared the main one and will let the sunshine help out with the other two.

They are in the front field now with a bale of hay spread in piles in the sunniest spots, and will keep blankets on until it gets to the high temp for today, near 40. I like to give them a break from the blankets.

There will be no riding today, that's for sure.


Matthew said...

I think I am about done with winter weather here. . .

billie said...

Me too! Although I do think it's good to cycle through a spell of extreme cold each year. It has its place.

But we're not really set up to deal with single-digit lows for more than a few nights at a time.