Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time of Year

I just realized this morning that we're drawing close to Imbolc, the Celtic festival that marks the time of year when winter begins to loosen its grip. It's a time of lustration, purification, and cleansing, when the goddess Brighid brings energy and light.

Brighid is the goddess of poetry, healing, and smithcraft - all magical arts of transformation. She's also a guardian of farm animals.

She teaches the power of committed action, and the awareness of what's possible in our lives. She offers the courage to act on one's dreams.

I've been thinking the past few days that February, for me, will be a month of settling in with words and horses and children, and committing to some actions with each.


Victoria Cummings said...

Imbolc - When is it exactly? I'm ready to celebrate. February is always the hardest month of the year for me - so cold and long. I am so ready for Spring!

billie said...

It's tomorrow!

Somehow when I wrote the post this morning I was thinking it was Wednesday.

This is why I so need to settle in with some focus and committed actions to a few important things. Life has gone a-scatter lately!

And, as a hopeful sign for you, I can report that the daffodils are springing forth here!

Rising Rainbow said...

I will really celebrate when winter does finally lessen its grip, but from the looks of it, it won't be anytime soon.

billie said...

I suspect we're in for more cold weather, but the daffodils make me hopeful.