Saturday, January 05, 2008

the ravens are here

Have come to a local coffeehouse here on writing retreat with friend and fellow writer Dawn Wilson. As soon as I got my laptop plugged in and sat down to sip my coffee and check email, I glanced out the window and there was the raven, in the middle of a parking lot. Moments later, it was joined by a pal.

Business as usual.


Matthew said...


billie said...

That's what Dawn said but that's never what I think of wrt the ravens!

Matthew said...

I like the ravens, I just always think of Poe when I see them!

billie said...

It's funny that I never make the connection to Poe; I think the first time I noted their presence was when we still lived on Huntwyck and I had to find my new office space - there were three of them then that used to stand in front of our picket fence at home and three in the big tree by my office window. It immediately made me think they had to do with the three novels.

At this point they simply remind me of mystery and creativity and how ever present that is in life.