Monday, January 07, 2008

live and on location

Blogging from the coffeehouse local to the writing retreat, which has WiFi. Two other writing retreaters have made the same trek and there are four different conversations going on around me, all fascinating.

It's hard not to stop and listen.

The revision is going well. I'm restructuring, which can be difficult for me, but it's falling into place down here.

I had forgotten how much I love this book.


Joseph Gallo said...

I wanna be there. What a spark inducer, eh? reading Tuesday's post, are you still in retreat or are you home? This weekend was a blur, so forgive me for not being up to date as well as I should be.

I've never been on a writing retreat. An official one, that is. It's something that appeals to me greatly. Out of your element, thrust or set gently into alien surroundings, only you and the work to hold the time.

Sign me up.

I hope you have/had a great time working on your book, Billie. To love and find pleasure in your work, in the creating of it, is one of the greatest joys of writerhood.

billie said...

It was a wonderful time, Joseph. I actually thought it would have been even more terrific if you were there. This particular group of writers was quite lively and we took storytelling to a new level. It simply never ended, from work on the book to dinner in the kitchen to moments in the hallways. You'd have fit right in. And, this place has a dedicated poet's garden that I know you'd love.

One of these days you'll have to make a trek to the east coast - I keep thinking about a mystic-lit retreat, although to be fair, we'd probably have to crash Torrey's living room floor with sleeping bags since he's the closest to the middle of any of us!