Friday, January 18, 2008


I had a 2-hour riding lesson with Keil Bay today. We're focusing on forward motion, impulsion, and softness. I need to do less of the work, and he needs to have more fun.

We did lots of baby steps toward these goals. By the end of the lesson he was softening to the bit with the tiniest squeeze of my little finger and we ended with a sitting trot that was quite lovely and relaxed. He's moving well and my head was so clear when I led him into the barn to untack.

He got peppermints and I drank a water bottle. We were both happy as could be.


Matthew said...

Sounds like a lovely lesson! Glad I get to experience it vicariously. . .

billie said...

It was good - he is going through the same recalibration as the Little Man. Everything is going from loud to very soft.